How to burn the excess fat in the abdomen: lose weight by 3 kg for 5 days easy!

Who among us does not dream about the perfect flat tummy? Today Editorial «Website» will open a secret, how to get rid of belly fat , without having to exercise. Plain Parsley is one of the best ways to reduce weight. But her daily use in almost every house, without even knowing how it is useful.

Punch contains a storehouse of vitamins and enzymes that contribute to the rapid metabolism. One effective way to lose weight is to consume parsley in a fat burning drink

How quickly remove fat from zhivotaIngredienty
60 g of fresh parsley 1 lemon 250 ml of water < /

Rinse the parsley sprigs and cut off the stems. To prepare the drink you need only the leaves of the plant. Finely we shall cut parsley and fields it the juice of one lemon. Add a mixture of parsley and the juice of boiled water. ol >

Take a drink of parsley in the morning on an empty stomach. Observe the course of a 5 days, then take a break for 10 days. The result you will see very soon! Do not forget to share good recipe for weight loss with friends. We still have secrets to slim figure - 5 dietary salads!


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