We drink this drink every day and do not even suspect that it causes breast cancer!

Breast cancer is considered to be an extremely common disease nowadays. However, about the disease has been known since ancient times, the signs of breast cancer and a variety of tumors found even in Egyptian mummies!

Not so scary: Now medicine has sufficient knowledge to help a woman who discovered the formation of a malignant tumor. Of course, if the disease is noticed in time! But most importantly - it seems that the German nutritionists able to find the main causes of breast cancer


breast cancer in zhenschinEsli woman eats a lot of fatty dairy products, it runs the risk of their health. German nutritionists conducted a study, which revealed: a high intake of fat, especially the fat present in milk, cheese and cottage cheese - a factor contributing to the emergence of malignant cells

. Excessive intake of fat is intra-abdominal fat increases the production of growth and the hormones estrogen and progesterone
Best prevention of breast cancer - limit consumption of milk fat and fat hard cheese. If you're going to watch your menu carefully, not only to be able to avoid problems with excess weight, but also the emergence of a number of dangerous diseases.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget how much it means our diet ... Before you eat something, you wonder: is it really fresh, healthy products, it is not too fat, not too crammed with all sorts of chemicals. I wish good health to you and your loved ones!


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