He took 12 balls for ping-pong and glue them ... It's worth repeating as 8 times as there will shine!

This lampshade for the light - the strangest hack I've seen. This only occurred to glue the balls ping-pong between themselves? But, I confess, the result is fascinating, in fact, passing through the plastic beads, light is transformed into a magical glow!

Just feast your eyes on this beauty! Unable to resist the temptation to make such an original thing to decor ...

lampshades their rukamiTebe need
96 balls ping-pong table glue gun LED string drill plastic round base

Make lampshades < / can be fast enough! Balls for table tennis are made of thin plastic, so apply very easily with them. To begin to drill a hole in one ball.

Check whether the LED light will fit in the drilled hole! If everything is in order, make a hole using a drill in the remaining balls. You can take a smaller amount, it all depends on how big you want to create a lampshade.

Glue beads 12 to one another by placing them in a plastic round base.

Now each ball Put the light bulb! Wield a glue gun - a pleasure ...

More glue beads by placing them on top of the base layer by layer.

That's what happens in the end!

Such a lamp will look stylish in any interior.

Depending on the color of light is changing ... garland

Look at how such an intricate thing makes the master. I think with this task cope even those who are not very fond of hendmeyd. A cool idea for a gift!

Tell your friends how to make light of the balls ping-pong! They will be surprised, no doubt.


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