Where can you see the Northern lights?

Northern lights is a stunning beauty, a breathtaking spectacle. It can last from several hours to several days. A typical Northern lights looks like a shining curtain, iridescent blue — green lights with splashes of pink and red. These colored len you have a width of up to 160 kilometers and a length of up to 1,600 kilometers. Dancing in the dark sky, as the flames, the Northern lights — a spectacular and impressive sight.

You should know that the Northern lights depend on solar activity. With increased solar activity in space emitted a huge number of particles. When they reach Earth's magnetic field, heading towards the North pole, where interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The greatest likelihood of seeing the Northern lights from 10 p.m. until midnight. The ideal conditions are frosty, clear weather, and the sky must be cloudless. Remember to watch the Northern lights in the city is undesirable, because there is impeding the city's lighting. Choose a city, or even rural area where street lights will not compete with the natural phenomenon of the Northern lights.

As noted above, it is best to see the Northern lights in the polar region of the Northern countries, so be prepared for cold, frost and o don't forget warm clothes and gloves. The best time to see Northern lights is from October to January.

Every Northern lights is unique. Often it represents the three stripes on the background of the night sky. You can also see something similar to the shimmering haze or whirlwind, like a column of smoke.

The Northern lights can be seen in the Netherlands, Finland , Iceland and Sweden.

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