The unusual design of the apartment from balls for ping-pong

Unique interior design Box/Box provided by the company Snarkitecture. Located in Brooklyn, new York, this tiny Studio is not only a sleeping place but also the working area.

Speaking of space, she, by the way, is only 8 square meters! Yes, this "box" is a kind of pilot project, which was executed in just two months, and the costs of the interior design amounted to slightly less than $9000.

In fact, the Studio is located in the attic loft and functionally designed only to meet the need for sleep and give the opportunity to work in silence. From the lower floor accessed by a hatch hidden in the floor.

The whole design is marvelous way reminiscent of a tree house, which dreams of every child. Key elements of the design are, of course, 25,000 balls for ping-pong, which decorated the walls around the perimeter. Gradient color from dark to light, illumination on the ceiling and counter mirrors on opposite walls – all these techniques are designed to visually expand the space.

Source: /users/413


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