11 ways to make your garage the most organized place in the house!

Bringing order to the garage for many seems to be just unbearable task, but it is not a problem. Our editorial staff has gathered together the best ideas to save space ! We hope they will be useful to you ...

order in the garage
Purchase some plastic pipes, so your tools are always in their places.

Use long magnetic strip to store screwdrivers, keys and other metal tools.

Purchase panel organizer for further space savings!

Plastic holders of ordinary pipe - a godsend for this host

Folding table - an indispensable thing for a small garage

Use plastic boxes for storage of nails, screws and small parts.

Do not throw away the sleeve of paper towels!

If you are a handyman, you will not be difficult to make a holder for garden tools.

Perfectionists will appreciate this idea!

This is how you can keep the original wrenches.

Garden furniture no longer get dirty!

Share with your friends by these ideas for storage in the garage! Learn also how to organize the home space ...


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