25 People Who honestly tried, but they did not work out

You have happened is that some day everything just goes wrong? No matter how you try to do something normal, nothing happens. So the people of this collection has happened is precisely such a day. The result, as they say, is obvious.

It would seem that, just getting into the pre-made hole that could be easier? But no.

From the series "I just trim the ends." But it did not work even trim.

Journalists who have found the perfect place to shoot the interview. B>

Well, what if? B>

start. The main thing - do not give up


Marvelous direction. B>

Constructor this notebook or an idiot, or a fucking genius. B>

At first everything was fine, but at some point the system failed.

Really? B>

For those who have nothing to be ashamed of. B>

A new hero: Superbetmen


No, how could not get it square in its place?

Promoter of her so-so ...

He nearly lost the name of their country. B>

For those who do not bother too much with time. B>

That's right, but slightly on the wrong side. B>

However, as it is here. B>

Back to school. Revenge classmates? B>

"Zayed on the platform," they said. "There's only one race," they said.

The man is clearly nagged his wife, because he does not change the roll.

Well, almost, almost. B>

to close friends? B>

To love Canada do not necessarily know how it looks like a flag.

It seems that this time Dasha had found something very interesting and forbidden.

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