15 embarrassing photo of the Royal Family, in which something went wrong

The British royal family has something incredibly elegant. Elegance - this is perhaps the essential quality of any of the royal family, but it was Queen Elizabeth and her descendants from afar may seem almost celestials and the epitome of elegance in the world. It's hard not to forget that they are - people who are just like us and you. Do you want to realize it better? These 15 photos will help you!

1. This awkward moment when Kate Middleton and Prince William caught on their own wedding in this position Yes, this is unlikely to show in the news

2. Sometimes the Queen herself could not help but disgust. Calm down, Elizabeth, it's just rude!

3. Prince Harry - as always, the king of parties

4. How is it not a shame ... And we always thought it was for her makes a specially trained man!

5. So Kate and George was not given to Prince Billy play Yes, William the helicopter like clearly more than George!

6. "Dirty Harry" I wonder which of the princes fun?

7. Charles seems fascinated bust this sculpture not be a bad boy, Charlie!

8. Yes, it seems, she often uses this expression and it can do whatever it wants, unlike you, pathetic little people!

9. I bet you did not know that it is interested in Charles DJ Charles Ying da house!

10. This is what happened when Prince Charles learned that carrots are good for eyesight I think he has gone too far ...

11. An incredible coincidence Oh God, no ...

12. It seems, had enough Everyone needs a break!

13. But it is Harry brought a lot of trouble and it's not just "an awkward moment» ...

14. Prince Charles could not look more uncomfortable at the meeting with the "Spice Gelz" Come on, Charlie, light!

15. And finally ... here it Unfortunately for Harry, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas forever

. Share it with all your friends, who also happen to "awkward moments". Let them know they are not alone!

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