Once there was a totally independent woman.

Once there was a totally independent woman. About a year ago she became a - totally independent. How terribly proud.

She woke up to an alarm clock and never lay in bed. She was like: drinking coffee or tea. She overcame long dependence on caffeine. And overcome, at the same time expelled from their diet all sweet and nutritious. So she drank water and ate in the morning and savory unsalted oatmeal.

She broke up with her friends because she did not want to depend on them. It is quite indifferent to shopping - and nobody would dare to accuse her that because of the shiny cloth she can lose your head. Yes there shopping! She did not lose her head and from men. Since then, she drove her beloved (and in fact nearly became dependent on it), it has been many months.

In short, absolutely independent women felt that a little more - and it will be the perfect woman.
Saturday morning at her door was a rustle. She opened the door. Staggering with fatigue, stood on the threshold of Cat. The woman stared and gasped:
- Do You ?! But ... How? A thousand miles away!
- I was a year - and the cat went into the house, exhausted leaned against the leg of the chair.
- Why?
- Missed - The cat looked up. - I can not live without you no, not without our house, nor without our men. By the way, where is he?
- But, I drove you to the aunt in the village ... You're not offended?
- At first, yes, - Cat sighed. - But then just. I understand: you're so wanted to be independent ...
- And began! - A woman's voice suddenly wavered treacherously.
- Well, congratulations - Cat whispered. - It can not be helped. I'll rest a day or two and go back.

Woman at night, startled, opened her eyes - she always woke up from strange feeling dreary emptiness in the chest. Near the heart was cold - as if someone had turned on the fan inside. Out of habit, she reached for soothing - and stumbled on a warm fur. Cat gently stomped on the blanket, lay down near by, purred. Soon cool fan in the chest disappeared.

Three days passed. The woman woke up. Half an hour to lie in bed, then ran into the kitchen, looking forward to very strong coffee with black chocolate. Then she reached for CellPhones and said to her beloved man important words: "I love you!". Then set up a meeting girlfriend. And suddenly she saw a cat sitting by the door.

- Let me out, please - she asked.
- You're going ?! - Women in the eyes glistened with tears. - But now I can not without you!
- Calm down, - said the Cat. - I just go for a walk, will be back soon. And do not lock the door, please. After independence - is not the lack of dependency, as you thought. This is - the knowledge that the door is open. A more independence - this is happiness. From the fact that you have someone to whom you are ready to walk a thousand miles ...

The cat went over the threshold, smiled encouragingly woman.


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