I do not like all the women: you will feel when I come

I am an outstanding woman.

Foolishly lovely and indomitable: my heart wide open, because I believe in the force with which my feet set foot on this land, and in their capacity to experience joy and sorrow, that I face every day


I'm going up, up and up, because I'm comfortable in my body: my self-esteem - this is my inner core. It does not depend on external factors: money, apartments, cars, recognition of this world, or the success of an expensive ring

. My success is in life itself.

I live in the people that make my heart beat day and night.

I'm not afraid to tell you that I am beautiful because I tried for this.

I will not limit myself to anything because of the complexes and insecurities of people around me. I love every scar - on the soul and body, every freckle, every curl bleached by the sun, and every centimeter of my chest

. When I walk into a room, I walk with my head held high, because I know that in this world there is a place for me.

I show the world your tears and your laughter, without shame.

I do not like it, and I'm not afraid to love you before you're ready for it.

I'm not afraid to rush or delay simply because specific rules or expectations in a relationship.

I am open to their desires and intentions.

I open fearlessly toward feelings, otherwise - why live

? I am here to love, and I will love.

I am not a victim of circumstances, I feel that everything is changing, and I leave with the same dignity with which I come and

. I declare myself the world. I set its boundaries, which do me the honor. I understand that "no" - it is self-love, and all that after the 'no' - it is unworthy

. I'm a decent, very decent.

I present to the bone, and feel the insincerity of kilometers.

I do not keep their freedom in cage to release it sometimes only after a few glasses of alcohol.

I dance, I love, I live.

I do not like all women - and you feel me when I come. published econet.ru

Author: Jen Robinson


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