~ How to burn karma

Mind in our body is fire. He is like the fire of digestion, which helps us digest food. Weak digestion even good food turns into poison, and strong - can digest even the bad and hard.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "we do not eat so that we eat and digest the fact that, and this applies not only to food, but even more so - to our thinking».

Karma, everything that happens to us in the course of life, events, problems, our fears and complexes, our bad habits and weaknesses - it all like food. Some we can not digest several lives, some get now, every day.
That is why they say that a strong mind - able to burn karma. This means that with a strong mind we can digest any problems that arise in our lives, as well as all the problems that carry with us for a long time as a load.

~ By Bhakti Vijnana Goswami lectures


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