... There is a women's karma. The female body is designed for what would work out karma. Woman suffers more than a man. Woman work out karma. Her suffering is such that it generally can not get rid of them. They press it against the wall. A man can somehow wriggle can go somewhere away from them. Woman getting away nowhere, it seems to be pressed in the life of the wall. She can not leave children, male children can throw at his wife. A woman can not, she is very attached to people close to, it can not throw anybody. She has to suffer.

Man suffers less, but more degraded. That is a man accumulates bad karma, and a woman fulfills her. If a man accumulates much bad karma in the next life he was born a woman, what would it work. You see the idea?
If a man divorces at his request. His desire to divorce. This means that it accumulates bad karma. In this life, it may not be much to suffer, but in the next life he will suffer greatly.

A woman who is divorced, has to suffer right now. In this life. It will be harder after the divorce. Right now. But it will work right now its bad karma, and maybe then it will not be, this bad karma ...

(Excerpt from the lecture Torsunov OG)


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