The boy went on a visitor visa to America in the early '90s, but stayed there. Initially, because of poor language skills worked in the wings who would have, because the money needed.
Friend gave him an old machine that constantly broke. And broke his muffler. He refers to the mechanics, who repaired, at their request. And I must say that the mechanic is also not good in English. Well, in principle, almost half of America of such now. And there is a cross-lingual incident. Well, our hero looked in the dictionary, saw the first same value as the right word, and asked the mechanic if he could not repair or replace him silencer. absolutely no idea that this designation is another muffler. For weapons. A car is called the muffler.
Well, the mechanics are also unaware. He says - "No, I do not do this, but I have friends Italians. These are - yes, they can ". "OK - says Rousseau emigrants - Call your frendo Italiano┬╗
And after some time mechanic calls and says, they say, come to the garage - waiting. Arrives. Are three of them. In a black suit, black glasses. It seems that indeed the Italians.
Said hello. Ask - what, where work and all that. He he - yes one nationalist newspaper. I live in Jersey and it should carry on Manhattan. Well, in Manhattan without the silencer does not. Italians respectful nod understandingly - say, yes, indeed in Manhattan without silencer is impossible, that's for sure. And what caliber - interested. Our first thought - what nafig caliber. But then, having estimated that it may not yet understand in English, shows the approximate diameter of the fingers. And the diameter of the turns like a small antipersonnel guns. Italians slightly ohrenevayu and ask, what's in it for such a machine. Our nods to his pepelats - yes here. Those even greater stupor. It should be about the dialogue:
-And You do it with a vozish?
-What This?
Yes please.
And the approach to the car. And our shows them. Under the bumper. Until Italians comes, and although the guys were very serious, begin to laugh wildly. And then, patting our emigrant on the shoulders and back, go to the mechanic. Perhaps discuss mailing false call.
People, learn the language and to look the meaning of words. I myself do not then, of course, the format, but also a hefty konfuzets befall.


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