In the depths of the forest lived a sorcerer.

In the depths of the forest lived a sorcerer. Many have said that he is able to send people to misery or vice versa, bewitch happiness. The peasants feared sorcerer, but in dire need turned to him for help. This has resulted in a dire need of a farmer sorcerer.
Warlock frowning asked:
- What came?
The peasant bowed and asked anxiously:
- Help me, take me to unhappiness. They piled on my poor head, one after another. The house burned down, his wife left him, at least in the loop climb.
- Well, - said the sorcerer - follow me.
Went to the farmer for a sorcerer, feet without feeling fear. It started a witch in the forest thicket and disappeared. The whole day the farmer wandered in the woods. Only in the evening came out on the field. Saw peasant sky, from the golden sunset, and laughed with joy that he was alive. "Oh, arms and legs I've kept. So, get out of the needs, build a new house and find a wife, "- said the farmer himself and ran to the village. Looks, and meet the sorcerer goes. Measuring farmer and sorcerer smiled and said:
- I hope you understand that in any misfortune fate always leaves the door to exit. It is only necessary to look for this door with such vigor as you do today looking for a way out of the forest thicket.


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