In that he played the Slav children

Knowledge of the world begins with a game. We are small, still in the unconscious play age to explore the world. Therefore, what children play and how they play – says some of them grow adults.

Slavic children were their games. In them, by words and gestures, actions and emotions stored alive and eternal that has long been lost. Many of the girls ' games survived the centuries, if not millennia, and began to disappear only in the early nineties of the twentieth century, in fact, when it disappeared and was gone a lot.

Whether connects them is a certain pagan community? Most likely – Yes. And mostly – it is pagan. After all of the games that appeared in the era of Christianity, bearing its meaning, is not, and never was. Play was prohibited, it was considered a sin, like any entertainment. Because, apparently, the game survived the dark ages of Christian Orthodoxy that they were a focus of joy, beauty, and life itself in all its reasonable and unreasonable, reckless and amusing manifestations. They are all from the ancient times. They copy the archetypes of animism and totemism, the inexhaustible diversity of the world, natural and human unity.

Heroes games

The hero of children's games can now be anyone, because children today absorb information from many sources, but in the old days, when townsfolk and the villagers lived in about the same conditions, the games were similar. Heroes games urban children did not differ from the heroes of children's games village. It was, first of all, animals – horses, bears, wolves and foxes, lambs and goats, poultry (geese, swallows, larks, quail, sparrows, chickens and roosters, ducks, cranes) Everything around the child was removed to its game world.
Mother and child – a favorite theme for children's play. She is still incredibly relevant – and how could it be differently when everything is tied to it. Girls age eight to thirteen always babysat younger children in the family, and sometimes made them direct participants of their fun.

All in all, there are several types of children's traditional games. Some still are popular with children.
Finger games for the kids (“Forty-forty”, “Kistelek”, “horned Goat”) is the most ancient.
Dance games for youth stem from pagan roots, from the time when dance, dance, the eel, was considered an indispensable attribute of spring-summer rite. This “Trickle”, “Len”, “Swan”, “Kostromsky”. The children also played games similar to elements of the wedding rite and other rites in the abduction of the bride, walking in the corn, the flax, the driving of the spike, the unlocking of the land, salick and others.
Especially loved by boys, race games are directed toward the result force, endurance, dexterity, courage and care. It's the support of friends and mutual. Are these games: “Rounders”, “Towns”, “Leapfrog”, “Elephant” (“Los“) and others.

What remains in our time from the ancient games of our little ancestors? Let only the smallest, but still curious of his contemporaries left “Tag-loveski” of various types (the“Tag-Pricedale”, “evenly spaced”, “ Pristensky”), “Hide and seek”, is truly immortal game all without an exception of children, “cops and robbers”, etc.

In two different places are drawn to the two cities, forty feet from the players. Between them is a Warlock. Children run across from one city to another, and the Magician catches them and makes their prisoners. The first “tainted” the Sorcerer makes a Watchman. The guard ensures that the players are not freed prisoners, tarnishing their. Playing the same, trying to lure the Witch to the other side, so he didn't attacked anyone. When playing tainted Sorcerer is the last caught.

First select it. It's called Agaris or Burner. Behind him at a distance of 80-160 cm pairs line up playing. They sing:

“Burn, burn clear!
To extinguished!
Look at the sky!
The birds fly,
Jingle bells!”

At this time last rear pair, separated from everyone and is a step forward, disconnect, one right, and the other left. Coming up with a Burner, they run like hell, trying to grab his hands. Burner tries to catch some of them or touch the palm. Getting caught with a driving one couple, and the one who is left becomes the Burner.




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