10 Examples of what to spend their money Celebrities

Tanks, island, century-old trees, clothes for astronomical sums, restaurants, tickets to space, basketball teams, and even a plane on Christmas Day.

1. Bra for $ 5 000 000

Rapper Kanye West gave his wife Kim Kardashian Bra, the value of which exceeds the astronomical sum of $ 5 000 000. The gift was made on the 35th birthday.

2. Iron Arnie and his tank

Back in 2014 I bought Arnie M47 tank. The same tank, where he served in the Austrian army. The tank cost the film star in the $ 1, 4 million. Now the military equipment is located in California on a personal ranch Iron Arnie.

3. Jorde Clooney and Japanese restaurant

Last year, George Clooney bought a Japanese restaurant for his wife. All because of her passion for Japanese cuisine. Gift price was $ 400 000.

4. 100-year-old olive tree for Keira Knightley

In 2013, James Righton gave Kira Knightley century-old trees. Oliva spouses brought to their home in France. There is a growing tree in the backyard. this tree cost was £ 3 000.

5. Justin Timberlake has bought himself an entire basketball team

In 2012, Justin Timberlake became the majority owner of the basketball team Memphis Grizzlies. It's funny that you can not buy these players, but to command a band of tall Timberlake still can. By the way, basketball teams got Will Smith and Jay-Z.

6. Mel Gibson and the island of Fiji

Island Mago Island in Fiji Mel bought in 2005 for $ 15 000 000. This is not the first actor who has got his own island.

7. Tom Cruise has bought a ticket into space

In 2013, to somehow escape from the sad thoughts about divorce, the actor has acquired for itself a tourist place in the spacecraft for $ 200 000. Here's how to hide from the former!

8. Justin Bieber himself has presented the plane on Christmas

Purchase was made in 2014. Such is the present for Santa made for himself.

9. Drew Barrymore has bought a gay club

37-year-old Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has made an unexpected purchase - it acquired four years ago, a gay club Revolver, which is located in West Hollywood. This deal celebrity explained that she just loves gay people and always in favor of equality and gay marriage. Although maybe she just loves them solder ?!

10. Bradley Cooper and hundreds of warm coats

During the filming of the movie "My guy - crazy", held in Philadelphia, Bradley Cooper for his money bought hundreds of warm coats for homeless people and personally handed over gifts to people. Not all the same for yourself ?!

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