7 habits of people who love to surround

Who told you it was impossible? And who is he to so easily

operate with the word "impossible" with regard to your ideas?

Napoleon Hill

Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy everything around, without making any effort?

And the other, despite the efforts of, and can not win the favor of others.

Napoleon Hill, author of the popular bestseller "Think and Grow Rich", described the 14 habits of the people surrounding love.

We present below only 7 Habits related to communication skills.

So, what kind of people who love most:

1. They create a positive mental attitude and charge them others.

Always easy to be a cynic and a pessimist. But this attitude is not easy to achieve success and win a good reputation. But a positive attitude, on the contrary, significantly contributes to the achievement of these goals.

2. They always talk in a respectful, friendly tone.

Such people are always sure what they say. Therefore, their speech is calm and awareness, which gives it a pleasant sound.

3. They listen carefully to their interlocutors.

Communication in an arrogant manner instructive - a great way to satisfy your own ego, but it is disastrous path for those who want to please their interlocutors and to establish friendly relations

. 4. They are able to maintain composure in every situation.

Too emotional reactions, both positive and negative, can create a bad impression about the person. Remember that silence is often much more effective to convey information to the interlocutor, rather than full of negative emotion words.

5. They are calm.

The relevance of the words and deeds - this is one of the most important qualities that people love and respect that other

. 6. They are smiling, talking to others.

Hill argues that the most valuable property of the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt was his gorgeous smile on a million dollars. It was she who made him involuntarily interlocutors to be more open during intercourse.

7. They know that it is not necessary to voice all his thoughts.


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