As soon as they will know that I have three children, and even in 27 years ...

Once people know that I have three children, and even in 27 years, then start asking a lot, sometimes bizarre questions from my religion, ending a gentle reminder of the fact that the sale is shhh ... contraceptives.

Of course, there are people who look with admiration, rejoice for you and with a smile asked: "This is all your" but ... That's about it "but" I will now tell you.

It is clear that the life of mothers with young children is sometimes not easy, and sometimes all furious and want a fret and fume, or hide under the bath and keep a low profile, but it's not about that.

And not even that hard money, no, okay we have with them, I work, do their online store, her husband went into freelancing and now more than helping me with the kids. Normally, I even have time to watch the evening serialchik.

It's about the fact that many children perceive as a problem, stress causes the word "many children". What kind of picture in your head are born? I previously submitted unwashed and hungry children, drunkards parents ... in the minds of lice, bad and dirty clothes. But I grew up in the 90s, there is not even a large had problems with money. And the fact that I have described, it was in our neighborhood norm, I was friends with one such girl, invited her to dinner.

But as time passed, I began to see, and other family - a family in which the parents are normal guys, not thump, and can be and not religious. And we have kids, because so decided. Strange, is not it? Someone decides does not multiply, and someone on the contrary, it is a private matter.

So our family of those that had children. And not because it breaks or section will (by the way I probably missed this opportunity, because I just did not want to mess with all this). Just because we have decided. But ...

Strains next, here's assume we are looking for a house or an apartment to rent, and when I utter the sacred words: three children, people are beginning to tighten, ask about nationality, etc ... and so every time. I say, do not worry, we will make a deposit (as a guarantee for the safety of the property), but people are still worried, afraid and try to stay away from you, are afraid that having many children is infectious? Even without seeing, they conclude. A conclusion - this is the answer, not the question, you can not prove anything.

And then all of these: to give birth guys more! Life will be happier, life would be more fun. Or, and when the girl?

I'm not complaining, I know that we will find an option that fits, but that kind of attitude, to me, right enough.

P.S. we had a very good experience of rent, but their family close to us in spirit.

Author: Ksenia Istomina


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