How to make money in the crisis. Business idea: service home services

The first company-competitor ZhEKov workers - "Husband for an Hour" - appeared in Perm in 2003. A good name has since become synonymous, and clones the Permian enterprise quickly multiplied. In large cities, there are hundreds of companies offering services to small repairs, in Moscow, the account goes on thousand.

Minor repairs on the house - one of the most popular services, according YouDo com service. Master earns a day on average from 3 000 to 6 000 (average bill for one order is 1 500 rubles). Intermediary company that collects and transmits orders to the executor receives a commission, usually 10%. The Internet is developing several aggregators accumulating offers, for example: Helper ru, Potap org, YouDo com, Pomogatel ru, Porucheno ru. It is estimated that two-thirds of Muscovites are looking for artists minor repairs on the Internet, the market volume is estimated YouDo service almost 50 million rubles.

input threshold to the market is relatively low - 15 000-50 000. You can work alone.

There are two ways of development:

first - to pick up a drill, create a website, presentation, sign up for aggregators and wait for the order,
the second - to conclude contracts with various masters and gather customers for them

. Earn in this case can be in the committee and on the delivery of equipment for rent.

In the first case, the profitability is quite high, up to 50%, as will have to be spent only for mobile services, petrol and promotions.

In the second case it will have to include a call center, more money to invest in the promotion and wasting time and money on maintaining a stable quality. The profitability of this business - 15-25%

. The room

At first, you can do without premises. Calls can be received by mobile phone tools - stored in the garage

. Meaning rent an office there, where the number of artists more than 20 people, and you get a hundred orders per day.

Firstly, you will need to hire at least two operators on the phone (or transfer the call center functions to outsource).

Second - to equip the warehouse for parking tools. For these purposes, you can use any converted for office space - if only to conform to the requirements of SES (the presence of toilets conducted sanitization, etc.) and fire inspection

. Documents

The legislation imposes a series of requirements for companies providing household services to the population.

Firstly, the consumer must be able to read the information on the cost of services, their quality standards, the warranty period and other parameters specified in the Government Decree on the rules of consumer services.

Secondly, you need to be with each client to sign a contract, so you need a lawyer in advance to agree on a single standard format.

The legislation does not oblige to have a cash register, but insists on the presence of a receipt in two copies, signed by the contractor and the client.

Relations with the masters can be adjusted in two ways - either to recruit them to the state at a constant rate, or contract with SP. In the second case, the taxes they will pay for themselves.

Repair of buildings and premises, as well as some other services to the public, subject to the UTII (single tax on imputed income). It should be noted that orders from individuals usually make up half of the flow of service and household services, and the rest comes from commercial organizations, and it is the corporate sector brings 60-80% of earnings. Meanwhile, the services rendered to the organizations that do not fall under UTII.



Typically, companies are beginning to work with the three masters: plumber, electrician and handyman, carpentry and who can lay tile. You can find them among the acquaintances, can apply to ads on the Internet on specialized forums, the old can look for them in the newspaper "Hand in Hand».

The average for the market rate for the master in the state - 60 000-80 000 rubles plus allowances and bonuses. Masters should immediately introduce a system of bonuses and penalties. Monitor helps employees competitive element.

In addition, the call center should call-back customers and to check whether they are satisfied with the work of the master. Staff at the call center get to 30 000-40 000 rubles.


Wizards prefer to work with its fine facilities, but have left a set of screwdrivers and drills never hurts.

Heavy equipment such as screwdrivers (1 500-6 000), cut-off saws (6 000-15 000), Jigsaw (3 000-8 000), drills (4 000-7 000) need to have warehouses with a stock on case several artists will perform similar orders.

Also, you should always keep a supply of nails, screws, dowels and other small things flow.

Masters can hire large tools and buy small discount.

Do not forget to provide employees with uniforms (cost up to 15 000 rubles per person, including helmet).


According YouDo, of the 2050 residents of the Moscow region, 56% of respondents are looking for suppliers of consumer services on the Internet. Use this search engine, thematic forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and the advice of friends in social networks.

At the request of "husband for an hour" and "minor repairs" very high competition, so in SEO will have to invest a few thousand rubles a month.

Offline advertising should not be neglected, ask the masters to distribute your company's business card in their areas, handing out leaflets at subway, glue the ads on porches.

The best advertising, however, well-executed order and recommendation of acquaintances.


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