10 rules of life of Nick Vuychich, which gives hope to millions of people

Nick Vujcic whole world admires. Born without arms or legs, the man was able to overcome himself, his depression, the pain and hurt of the world. To overcome and become an inspiration to millions of people. < Website Nick loves Vuychich and gladly publish the rules of life.

I always share their feelings and fears with those whom I love. Search path in life - it's a marathon, not a sprint. When I think that my prayers do not have the answer, I turn to the people. Today's problem tomorrow will be an advantage. Looking for comfort - sing. I always sing when I feel unwell. To find something, you need to keep searching. Love yourself enough to be able to laugh at themselves. < All of us are imperfect. However, we should share those precious gifts that I have. Take a look at yourself. Within you is a light that is just waiting to shine in full force. Human relations - power. Thanks, desire to act, compassion and forgiveness - that support for the positive in life! < If you have never seen a miracle - a miracle to become the other

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