In our world there are many mysteries and puzzles, but some of them are hidden very carefully. Most often, those associated with the rich and influential families. Naturally, one can stumble, but how to delete the mistake of world history? ...


Even before becoming a well-known president of All America and begin to choke bagels, Bush family supported the Nazis during the Second World War. Grandpa George Bush's little brother, Senator Prescott Bush, led the Joint Banking Corporation USA. True its assets in 1942 were arrested for "trading with the enemy».

But until the LMC in the United States represented the interests of Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who sponsored the campaign of Adolf Hitler in the 30s. And, although the grandfather Bush had his sympathy for the Nazis did not express out loud, he was, of course, well aware of the things that leads LMC with Nazi Germany and its individual personalities.

There is even a theory that Prescott Bush and a few very influential characters like the United States to hand over to Adolf.


If anyone has skeletons in the closet is not just do not fit, and downright fall out - this, of course, the Rockefeller family. Let's start with the fact that the founder of the clan - William Rockefeller in his younger years moonlighting that sell ... uh ... what is now known as dietary supplements, but proudly called them "a cure for cancer, dropsy and other diseases».

I do not just sell, and did what any salesman, con man - went from door to door on the American heartland and vparival fakie housewives. Skopje a couple of hundred, he married a young lady gave birth to Eliza and John D. Rockefeller, the world-famous billionaire and financier, and then another, and William Jr., who together with his brother and organized Standard Oil. True then ran away from the family and once again married a girl 25 years younger than him. Here, though, Eliza never divorced. That is, was, in fact - a bigamist.

So what, you say, you never know who someone was once - the children for their fathers do not meet. OK. Then you certainly know that their state above the brothers and their descendants earned solely on wars. John D. was selling grain and meat Joint Army during the Civil War on the inflated speculative prices. Earned money invested in the refinery Samuel Andrews, and that marked the beginning of the above-mentioned Standard Oil.

And now greatly expanded its influence in the 30th years of XX century, the company has successfully invested in Rockefeller German chemical concert IGFarben, produces ... well, yes ... the famous Zyklon B, the pesticide cyanide, enjoyed incredible popularity in the Nazi concentration camps.


As you know, in the affairs of the British Royal family is off limits. And then suddenly you find yourself in an accident, fall ill with incurable diseases or corny commit suicide. Been there, we know.

But there is something that, as it did not want to hide, still somehow gets out. Let's say, for no one has, it seems, is no secret that King Edward VIII, who left the throne in 1938 to marry the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson, a socialist, was a friend of Hitler. And so passionately kissing him, that in the end of the Second World War, chose to run away to the Bahamas, from sin and the Nuremberg Tribunal away.

But what we're all about fascists but the fascists. Not in the sense of them as one of the mysteries and secrets (as well as obviously not in the contract killing of Princess Diana). We were at the Queen Mother's secrets and terrible - Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyons, her niece (and, consequently, the reigning cousin Elizabeth II), which in 1941, according to an unnamed medical reasons was placed in an insane asylum. One young lady was 22, the second - 15.

The girls were considered "an embarrassment" for the royal family because of poor learning ability, and some do not even mention the fact, and were commonplace hidden. They forget about them officially dead recorded in the Book of the royal families of Britain and titled Families.

Mystery opened only after his death in 1986, Nerissa. It is rumored that Catherine is still alive. BBC even made a documentary about them. But do not look in the network it is gone.


Well, a little bit about the Nazis. Dad the world-famous Terminator, Gustav, according to published in 2003. The document is the chief of the Austrian police and voluntarily joined the Nazi Party in March 1938, before Austria was "annexed" to Germany, and it became a must-see destination. And in 1940 he became a member of the Sturmabteilung - the Nazi stormtrooper.

Despite all the above, Arnie luck - any documents that Gustav was accused of war crimes and was tried, was not found. Otherwise, I am crying to his career. And not just political ...


In Winston Churchill's brother Jack, never, incidentally, is not mentioned in the autobiography. Well, that is, except for the phrase "the other boy." Why Churchill was so eager to erase any mention of the younger brother of his memory and all the people?

Historians claim that the reason for that one - Jack was an illegitimate child. According to the biography of the great prime minister, Jack - the result of the novel Lady Randolph Churchill and Evlina Boskauena, 7th Viscount Falmoutskogo.

But even that's not all - if Winston could be born out of nowhere, he would be much happier, because then we would not have to mention the mummy at all - after Viscount she became the mistress of the Prince of Wales and the kept.


And here we get to another very wealthy family. The Rothschilds ... say they are closely linked with the mystery of the Illuminati organization (almost the same as the Masons, but more powerful). Logically, all the secrets of the family must be protected, and its members - to behave impeccably. At least in public. But the thing - the first daughter of Charles Rothschild, Baroness Pannonika "Nick" de Königswartha quite family prosperity billionaires did not fit.

She is very fond of jazz. Highly. And also loved jazz. Highly. That's only necessary to remember what years were then, and that blacks were playing jazz. Meanwhile, Nick managed to spin the affair with all relevant names of jazz music. For example, Charlie Parker (who suddenly was later found dead in her hotel room.

About Nicky relatives who might be implicated in the death of the great saxophonist, and if the thought did not say that out loud). The second her lover was a pianist Thelonious Monk. They were then arrested for smoking marijuana, but Nick took the blame on himself and Monk jailed missed. As, however, and she Nick. She's Rothschild - who was it planted?



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