How to build a business on the cutlets

The author of the popular cookbooks and entrepreneur calls himself a "serial killer products". She turned his maniacal passion for cooking into a matter of life.

"It also had to be a multiplier of four times to get married, to create a publishing house to get it all over burgers," laughs nick. The history with meatballs Belotserkovsky came during her third pregnancy. Boredom, on the wave of creative crisis, she started a blog in LiveJournal. What to write about – the question was not as to cook nick loved and was good at. "If I were asked what is heaven, I would have said, bursting with food table, a bunch of kids, all the noise, clinking plates-spoons. And the smell of vanilla from the oven," recalls Belotserkovsky summer vacation his grandmother from Odessa. From her, I'm sure nick, and passed on genetically culinary talent. His ability to combine the products Nika beginning divided in LJ, parallel to discussing the quality and usefulness of products, different machines and devices.

Nika Belotserkovskaya

Soon 8 girls Nike wrote special words of gratitude – thanks to her recipe for "Spaghetti Mongols they received an offer of marriage. Then showered with gratitude from those who were afraid to come to the plate and pick up a fillet knife. Nick is gradually increasing its pace and momentum. Today she owns a cooking school in the South of France, personally familiar with the best cooks of Europe and has released few books that are in great demand.

The secrets of success Belotserkovsky

I say: "you Have the twenty-fifth frame in the post. You you Ghost". In fact, one girl correctly formulated, is why you love me: "Everything is simple and megacasino, because I'm not afraid when I cook. Don't know how to flip a pancake? Exhale, screwed up and on a short quiet "obscene" turn. All my life I came to this: I want to write — write, don't write. Perhaps this is the secret of success of my blog — there's no vymochennoy. Do you know why the project was a success? Because, first, I have a very wealthy husband (laughs), and I'm a girl working with youth. Loyal to my family, free time that I can devote to the beloved, the obsession and hard work. Interesting facts:

  • "I am 10 years went to work in the publishing house from 9 am to 11 PM";
  • "...when I started my blog and came to LJ, I was a female pig (sorry) with the gain at 50 percent of normal weight".
  • raising three sons.

Martha Stewart

In his childhood, his mother taught Martha cooking and sewing, and my father gardening, but the skills "made the weather" in the life of Martha in middle age. At the age of 20 married student-lawyer, afterwards she bare a daughter, and 32 years after moving to a small town, devoted himself to the household. First, Stewart was able to successfully sell your skill of decorating – she opened a firm in my town that did parties, and then opened another shop.

After 35 years March has produced a number of cookbooks that have become bestsellers. Appearances on iconic television shows, such as Oprah Winfrey and Larry king, March brought more popularity. In 1990, Stewart became the chief editor of a new cooking magazine Martha Stewart Living (circulation in 2002, reached two million copies), three years later appeared the video version of the magazine with high ratings. So in 1997 there was a media company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedi, which was released on the new York stock exchange and nominally made Martha a billionaire.

The secrets of success

I will do what I want, and do it easily!";
— strict quality control: if a cookbook, a weighty Tome with an excellent photo, if a TV show, that monotonous voice-over work of dozens of people;
— all recipes have passed a rigorous selection on the simplicity involved in the preparation time (25 minutes) and the absence of exotic products;
— joined the culinary quality websites and blogs in social network Martha's Circle.
— made his name as a mark of quality: all products with its logo (the name is inscribed in a circle) sold much better than their nameless counterparts.

Interesting facts:
— I started to make a little girl selling handmade pies;
in nineteen Glamour magazine has included March of the ten most elegant students of America (good taste before proven);
— was considered the benchmark "homemaker", however, after her divorce from her husband and has not remarried;
— 5 months spent in prison because of speculation with stock market shares.



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