They have something to hide

Each of us has a skeleton in the closet. Many people try to hide their mistakes and failures and to hide them away from prying eyes, and only family of influential and rich people, and even more so. However, the dark spots on the leaves hide the history of the world is not so simple.

Even before becoming a well-known president of All America and begin to choke bagels, Bush family supported the Nazis during the Second World War. Grandpa George Bush's little brother, Senator Prescott Bush, led the Joint Banking Corporation USA. True its assets in 1942 were arrested for "trading with the enemy».
But until the LMC in the United States represented the interests of Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who sponsored the campaign of Adolf Hitler in the 30s. And, although the grandfather Bush had his sympathy for the Nazis did not express out loud, he was, of course, well aware of the things that leads LMC with Nazi Germany and its individual personalities.
There is even a theory that Prescott Bush and a few very influential characters like the United States to hand over to Adolf.

If anyone has skeletons in the closet is not just do not fit, and downright fall out - this, of course, the Rockefeller family. Let's start with the fact that the founder of the clan - William Rockefeller in his younger years moonlighting that sell ... uh ... what is now known as dietary supplements, but proudly called them "a cure for cancer, dropsy and other diseases».
I do not just sell, and did what any salesman, con man - went from door to door on the American heartland and vparival fakie housewives. Skopje a couple of hundred, he married a young lady gave birth to Eliza and John D. Rockefeller, the world-famous billionaire and financier, and then another, and William Jr., who together with his brother and organized Standard Oil. True then ran away from the family and once again married a girl 25 years younger than him. Here, though, Eliza never divorced. That is, was, in fact - a bigamist.

So what, you say, you never know who someone was once - the children for their fathers do not meet. OK. Then you certainly know that their state above the brothers and their descendants earned solely on wars. John D. was selling grain and meat Joint Army during the Civil War on the inflated speculative prices. Earned money invested in the refinery Samuel Andrews, and that marked the beginning of the above-mentioned Standard Oil.
And now greatly expanded its influence in the 30th years of XX century, the company has successfully invested in Rockefeller German chemical concert IGFarben, produces ... well, yes ... the famous Zyklon B, the pesticide cyanide, enjoyed incredible popularity in the Nazi concentration camps.

As you know, in the affairs of the British Royal family is off limits. And then suddenly you find yourself in an accident, fall ill with incurable diseases or corny commit suicide. Been there, we know.
But there is something that, as it did not want to hide, still somehow gets out. Let's say, for no one has, it seems, is no secret that King Edward VIII, who left the throne in 1938 to marry the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson, a socialist, was a friend of Hitler. And so passionately kissing him, that in the end of the Second World War, chose to run away to the Bahamas, from sin and the Nuremberg Tribunal away.


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