As ordinary people living in different countries of the world 20 years ago

Renowned photographer Peter Menzel, which explores the life of people around the world, working on a photo project "The material world. Global family portrait "in the early 90s. Peter traveled to 30 countries and, based on UNESCO data, looking for the average family - housing size, income and composition. He asked to make the house all that holds the family, and tell them what they considered the most valuable in the house.

We are in the Website think photoproject makes you wonder, where is the boundary beyond which dries up our passion for accumulating things, and also about how different people perceive the concept of "wealth" in different parts of the world. And these questions are always relevant - in the early 90's, and today. And again, despite the fact that the world in 20 years, it would seem, it has changed dramatically, in many homes, and countries all remained the same

USA, California

Caven family with all their property (in the photo are not included boxes of books stored in the garage).


9 members from Yunnan Wu family live in a 3 bedroom house area of ​​57 square meters. m. The most valuable object is considered a TV and 2 radio. In this they are bred carp pond, as the family has 100 tangerine trees and 3 pigs.

Cuba 15,798,614

Large Costa family with all their belongings on the streets of Havana.


The family of six lives in a 19-foot yurt, covered with felt. In the village there is no electricity and it is supplied to the house illegally. For water, they go to a public column.


Musical family Torodsen posing against the backdrop of his house overlooking the bay of Hafnarfjörður near Reykjavík. The head of the family - the pilot of the airline Iceland Air, and his wife -. Seamstress


Burbot and his extended family of 13 people located in three-story adobe house on the outskirts of the village. On the ground floor are living animals, the family lives on the second floor and the third placed pantries, which houses the dried meat, grain, straw. The food they cook on the hearth, and is used for lighting oil lamps.

United States, Texas

Skin The family lives in a relatively small town Perlend (100 thousand. Inhabitants) in the state of Texas in the home area of ​​155 square meters. . M lot left over: refrigerator, freezer, woodworking machines, computers, a collection of butterflies in a glass and more. The most valuable object in your home, they believe the Bible.


Abdullah's family lives in a spacious one-story house of 450 square meters. m residential basement and a tent-gazebo in the neighborhood of private houses in the city of Kuwait. Countless sofas, carpets and a few cars in the picture - it's all of them. (The average family, remember.)


The family Kapralova, who lives on the outskirts of Suzdal, have two daughters. In the photo they pose in front of almost all of its conditions.


Family Sumana lapping, which comprises two wives and 8 children, lives in two adobe buildings of 50 and 42 square meters. m Kuakuru city on the banks of the Niger River. Electricity in homes there, and all the property consists of mattresses, pillows, chairs, and a variety of dishes. In the garden of the house of 30 mango trees. The most valuable object in the family is considered the grandfather Order issued to him at the time the colonists for the excellent service guard.


Yukito family of four lives in a suburb of Tokyo in the house area of ​​132 square meters. m. The house has a lot of electronics and household appliances. The most valuable items in the house they believe gold wedding rings, as well as a collection of ancient ceramics.


Family Kuenkau makes a living growing rice and lives in a small wooden house on stilts and surrounded by rice fields.


Cheerful family Castillo Balderas from Guadalajara on the roof of one of the courtyard buildings. In the background - their property

. Photos on the preview Peter Menzel

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