Do not kill the mat chromosome!

The Institute of Quantum Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, scientists a few years ago conducted studies to respond partially to the question: what is happening today with the human race

? With equipment developed by scientists human words may be presented in the form of electromagnetic oscillations, which directly affect the properties and structure of the DNA molecules. These molecules are responsible for human heredity. Therefore, human speech content directly affects the human genome (the totality of all the genetic information of an organism).

For example, a person is constantly in his speech, uses profanity. However, his chromosomes are beginning to change its structure actively.

In that case, if the person we are saturated with negative within the meaning of word formation, in the molecules of DNA begins to produce so-called

«negative program." Gradually, these distortions become so significant that alter the structure of DNA, and it is transmitted to the descendants of a person.

The accumulation of such negative qualities may be called a "self-destruct program." Scientists have recorded: expletive cause mutagenic effect similar to the radiation of the radiation power of a thousand X-rays

. This ability to act on the words of heredity program known to mankind since ancient times. we know that sick people were healed hopeless because of the prayers of the saints and the righteous of the religious sources. Blessing with the spread not only on the person, but also on his descendants.

Word - a double-edged sword. Stunning is the conclusion of scientists: DNA perceives it and its meaning. The wave "ears" DNA directly absorb sound vibrations. With the help of words, speech, so - thought, because it is the result of thinking - man, as a sculptor, sculpt your genetic apparatus


Thus, from generation to generation, like a snowball, picking up negative, self-destructive processes, inherent in the human genome by his speech. This is not for the DNA matter whether the other person a living person or television "hero". Renowned psychotherapist S. Gorin believes that domestic rudeness causes the psyche of people much more damage than the most sophisticated hypnosis.


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