Pehlivan Elektrak - Turkish first electric car

Turkish auto industry can hardly be attributed to a number of world leaders - the emotional, local officials perceive any more or less advanced national project - such as the first in the history of Turkey's electric. It is not surprising that one of the Turkish Ministers clearly overdone it in the estimates.

If it is not too bold statements by senior government officials, Pehlivan Elektrak (so-called first Turkish electric) would remain quite worthy of a student project - it has developed a team of 16 students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Thrace. This electric car with a carbon fiber body, even managed to make a successful trip to the Balkans, for two weeks to visit Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia. However, officials clearly saw in a student project much more.

"Our car is better and safer than a Tesla┬╗, - he said, for example, the Minister of Science and Technology of Turkey Fikri Isik. "While the company is forced to build a Tesla charging stations, we have such a station is already built into the car - this we have developed an engine that allows you to extend the range of the trip", - quotes the Minister of the newspaper Hurriyet Daily News. However, what is so unique in their propulsion system, Isik was no telling. It should be noted that the power plant with a combustion engine as a "Charger" for batteries - a circuit that a long time ago for a long time tested automakers. For example, for the BMW i3 electric vehicle as an option a small gasoline engine that charges the batteries.

Yes, and the electric capacity is clearly far from the record: on a single charge of its lithium batteries it is able to travel only 100 kilometers and a top speed of this electric vehicle weighing 190 kg is 110 kilometers per hour. However, the creators did not plan to stop there dosignutom and promise to soon introduce a new model, the source of energy which will serve as a battery and a solar panel.


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