You can not escape alone

There is a saying - You can not escape alone

. There was a time when I did not understand the depth of this essence. I thought that only together we can go out into a new world and to build on the Earth and it is necessary to conquer selfishness and promote in every way with his hand.

But then came the true knowledge of the real sense of the word. Unable to save and transform the world alone because all the world is a hologram, which is entirely dependent on your condition and your thoughts.

The artist Thomas Allen Koper

All people are also part of the hologram with live content, but they only exist for you in your world and serve you.
And in the world of each of us, surrounded by his own holography.

You yourself are creating the way people relate to you and you accept, a well-known principle of the mirror.

And if you want what would you have lived in a prosperous world, you have to transform it through itself, fully aware of their influence on him. Why and always spoke about responsibility.

All our beliefs and thoughts, beliefs, our attitude towards the world is our inner pattern, picture, through which the light of the Absolute and the surrounding area creates all that we keep to ourselves. What we are drawn in itself and approved.

But wrongly we perceive the world as real, and build their own reactions to what we ourselves have made. Not realizing that the light of Truth only reflected virtually our internal content. We changed the cause and effect in some places.
This is the illusion of trapped us ... Instead of having to rely on the internal content, on their own I, we rely on external reflection and therefore always unstable, as the illusion is not able to provide stability.

If you're going to live selfish motives, then the world will live as. When projected, the lack of money in yourself, the outside is simply reflected. If you are still many do not consent, then the world will you translate it in many ways. He can not change for the better as a hologram recorded your internal content.

But if you in heaven, and the world will be transformed in accordance with it. If you wish to live among honest and open people, you must create them in your hologram, and for that you yourself should be so. In this process, light energy will begin to transform the hologram of Truth, and your state is a prism glass with a pattern through which light passes and a drawing in you, and this creates a holography.

Therefore, it is pointless to be selfish, pointless to see in others the source of its prosperity, it is pointless to react to the surrounding of our world and put themselves in dependence on him, and on people's opinions.

All this is just not there is a real objectivity of the movie that you shoot in the here and now, the scenario of which is within you, within your state.

Author: Oleg Sakharov


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