Fantastic Slimming Girls At 70kg, after she left Tirana-Man!

Internet was breaking a variety of weight loss stories, but from all of this seemingly monotonous sets are examples of really noteworthy. Today we want to tell you the story of a fantastic transformation of 28-year-old girl, Christine Carter (Christine Carter) which in 16 months managed to lose 70 kg. And she managed to not only get rid of excess weight, but also by her boyfriend.

Christine adored all spodryad overeat and could spend a month on his gluttony alone up to $ 2000! Most interesting is that her boyfriend encouraged in this, because he was sure that in this condition it Christine will not leave.

"My father urged me to attend family gatherings, I had to go, even though I really did not want to because of his excess weight. I wanted to come and say hello to his uncle Bruce, but he just looked at me and walked past. It was as if he had never in his life did not see me. It was so humiliating, "- said Christine

. In 2014, Christine was determined to lose weight, but since she herself did not believe in it, I decided to lose weight surgically. She went through a vertical tubular gastrectomy, the essence of which is a reduction of the stomach. That helped temporarily, but soon the weight started to come back again a little

"Sleeve Gastrectomy is a fantastic thing when used properly. But I had a problem with that, since I had no intention to take advantage of the operation to the fullest. I thought: "If I wanted to lose weight through diet and exercise, I would not lay on the operating table!»

Then I realized that I needed to bring change in your life to a new level. "Realizing that she too hoped for the operation, she started going to the gym and hire a personal trainer. The good woman, who spent $ 2000 on gluttony could afford it.

From 2014 to the present time, Christine managed to lose 70 kg!

One of the most interesting aspects of the history of weight loss Christine was not only to change her appearance and inner state. She realized that she needed to get rid not only of the baggage of excess weight, but also on the emotional, ie, its creepy guy.

"My ex-controlled me around, he told me what things to wear, and I believe that he would like me to stay fat, because I thought that I did not throw it in this state .." "With overweight, I I felt that did not deserve anything more. I wanted to be "fat and happy", but in the end was just a greasy "" He dominated me, and instead of having to sort out her feelings, I jammed the problem? "" I woke up and ate all day. Sometimes I even ate the middle of the night "" After my former diet became jealous of me, and by the time I became confident enough in themselves to notice that we had an unhealthy relationship that must be stopped. »

If you think that it was so big, and then suddenly lost weight and suddenly became all so beautiful, you're wrong. And the question: "Where is all the excess skin !?", which matured in the process you view the article, will now be allowed

. In 2015, Christine went through a plastic surgery for a tummy tuck and breast implants installation. Through these operations it can safely show off in a bikini.

Surgeons have removed 70% (!) Of her stomach, thus helping to get rid of 23 kg Kristin.

So they way Christine was able to turn your overeating problem into a strong side and completely change their lives.

"When I see your old photos, I just do not recognize them," "I'll be honest - training is not my favorite thing in the world, but I faithfully and consistently continue to do" "So many things that I wanted to share with people who want to lose weight. First of all you have to choose one bad habit and deal with it. Having made this small step, you start to build confidence in themselves. You realize that you can and will do, what they say, going to do something, "" Love the struggle, and the result will not take long. »

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