Meet - is the meanest mom in the world. You should know what she did ...

A few days ago an American writer and part-time mother of three children Jaime Primak Sullivan said the entire Facebook, that it was "the most despicable mother in the world". For many it was a shock, because in my head come first variety of thoughts. But this record was no explanation. However, it would be better if you personally to get acquainted with its content.

"Today, I am the most vile mother, who has ever been in the world. I drove children to Dairy Queen after dinner. They chose the ice cream, and we waited for about 5 minutes, until the coming of our ochered.

fitsiantka, which looked about 17, served us. She asked the children who had ordered some ice cream, and carefully handed it to everyone personally. But none of my children did not even look at her. No one said thank you. Neither her nor me. As if it was something taken for granted.

I counted to ten, but the kids came out with ice cream for the door as if nothing had happened! I exchanged glances with the waitress, and think we came up with the same thought. I went after the children on the street, took away their ice cream and, to their great dismay, threw in the trash. Of course, all three of them immediately threw a tantrum, but I waited. Quiet. Quietly. So far, they have not understood that I want them to say something.

When they calmed down, I told them that one day, if they are lucky, they will probably work just as well as this girl. If anyone of them will be a waiter, I hope that other people will notice them. Will look into their eyes and say thank you! Because this is an elementary human dignity.

So today I am the most despicable mom in the world! ยป

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