15 stars that turned out wonderful mother

Who said that motherhood - a hindrance career and interesting life journey? These Hollywood celebrities his example shows that one can be a wonderful mother and still look great and have time to be engaged in favorite work

Website up to you list of the most charming moms in Hollywood, look at them. - and the heart rejoices!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker - a successful mother of many children. Together with her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, actress raising three wonderful children: Marion and Tabitha James. Spouses deliberately refuse to babysitting services and are engaged in the development and education of their children. But in spite of the status of the mother occupied, Sarah Jessica also appeared in films, is developing a fashion brand and participate in social activities. And she only manages all?

Jennifer Lopez

Max and Emma - adorable children singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer doted in their twins, she takes them with him everywhere. Recently, they, along with a stellar mom visited 38 countries as part of its world tour. That's really one's career certainly not interfere with the children!

Angelina Jolie

At the beginning of his creative career, Angelina Jolie no one could imagine in the role of a doting mother of the family - too shocking and scandalous lifestyle she led. But things have changed since then, Jolie adopted her first child. Today, Angelina and her star husband Brad Pitt already raise six children (three of them adopted). The pair looks so harmoniously and happily with their children, that there remains no doubt that Angelina - really great mother.

Katie Holmes

After her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes tries to spend all his free time with his charming daughter. Suri is already reputed to be the most fashionable kid in Hollywood, has recently signed a first contract girl to create your own clothing line.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore proudly raising two beautiful daughters - Olive and Frankie. Though the actress and continues to act, to produce films and develop their cosmetic brand, the family is always a priority for her.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba and her husband, producer Cash Warner, are the parents of two girls solar - Honor and Haven. And the celebrity couple is going to rest on our laurels - Jessica admits that she dreams of a third child

Reese Witherspoon

Proud mother of many children is the status of Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon. Ava and Deacon - children from his first marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe, and the kid Tennessee - son Reese from her current husband, agent Gina Toth. In its 40 years, the actress looks so great, that the paparazzi are often confused Reese with her sixteen-year-daughter Ava.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and the famous lead singer of British band Coldplay broke up over a year ago, they continue to bring together their wonderful children - daughter Apple and son Moses. After the birth of children Gwyneth set for itself a clear rule: no more than one film a year - because the actress frees in your schedule time for favorite family

Miranda Kerr

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One of the most popular models of our time Miranda Kerr successfully combines work and education of her son Flynn. Former husband Orlando Bloom Miranda supports around and spends all his free time with her beloved son. Miranda often he said in the interview that he and his son very much like to cook together, drawing and tinkering various crafts.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner deserves the title of the perfect mother. She has three beautiful children, is a household and at the same time to be in the movies and look perfect. Even after the divorce, Ben Affleck continues to take an active part in family life and maintains a friendly relationship with Jennifer.


Shakira and the famous Spanish footballer Gerard Pique together raise adorable sons, Sasha and Milan. The singer is struggling to combine musical career and taking care of his sons. Parents pay much attention to early childhood development - actively teach them to read, sing and even play football

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox, who played Monica in all your favorite TV series "Friends", has a lovely daughter Coco. The girl, despite her young age, is seriously engaged in ballet and has managed to earn the glory of Hollywood fashionista. Mother and daughter spend a lot of time together and do not hesitate to say that they are real girlfriends.

Gwen Stefani

< br> Despite its vivid and shocking way, Gwen Stefani is an exemplary mother of three sons. Star pays great attention to education of children and seeks every week to go to church with them. Gwen admits that has long ceased to seek a balance between work and private life, the family is now for it - most importantly

Victoria Beckham


Victoria and David Beckham are the proud parents of four children - three boys (Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz) and charming little daughter Harper. In all the years of living together the couple Beckham being branded as one of the most exemplary and strong stellar pairs. Victoria has always pointed out that, despite the fact that she is the mother of a large family, she always tries to look at home at 100, because the husband and sons must always see her as a woman.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a mom of two charming sons - Ryder and Bingham. Actress without regret, to cut their shooting in Hollywood and tends to spend every free minute with adorable children. Kate did not just accept that the family of a woman - the most important thing in life

. These stellar mom show all of us how to raise children, do household chores, be a loving wife, and at the same time to enjoy a fulfilling and interesting life, staying beautiful and compelling woman. With such stars can certainly take an example!

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