What do you care about my age ?!

"I was sent to the boarding gate at the Calgary airport when passing by a kiosk with makeup, she heard the voice of the seller:" Look at yourself "man was holding the mirror!. He began to talk about wrinkles, Botox and creams, and I stood there and thought - this is some sur why it is believed that say such insulting things a woman - okay

? I listened to in my life is enough of phrases that I'm defective, flawed, faulty, in me that something is wrong and it will certainly have to fix it. I'm over it. As if the switch itself has shifted, and a bright light went out. ยป

A resident of Montreal Annick Robinson, published in facebook your picture after talking with the seller of cosmetics in the Calgary airport. And it became the heroine of tens of thousands of Fortress. Here is the dialogue, I think - bravo

! Seller: Your skin looks so natural, it looks like you do not abuse cosmetics. Am I right?

Me: Um, yeah, and what

? Seller: Let me, I guess your age. (The figure is 12 years younger than my real age).

I: I look at my age and that's fine

. Seller: Let me show you the serum for the face, because if you do not take care of your skin now, to 45 years, these facial wrinkles become deeper and creams will not help

. I: And what's wrong with a woman who looks 40

? Seller: Well, let's talk about the bags under your eyes and crow's feet - we have an eye cream, improve the case for 15 minutes

. I: What's wrong with my eyes? He is waiting for me at home a wonderful kid, and I do not get enough sleep for 2 years, and if I have because of that bags under the eyes, I am grateful for them. With regard to the crow's feet, my husband and I laugh a lot. It's all his fault. He likes the way I look. I do not think I need your cream.

Seller: Now you can cope with them, but to the 50 years it will be too late to correct the sagging skin and wrinkles. If you now do not take up the case, help can only plastic surgery.

I: Once again, what's wrong with a woman who is aging? You know, my husband and I often talk about what will be in the age when wrinkles and will cut funny elderly couple. My husband, too, will grow old, as we all do. In fact, because life is arranged.

Seller (nervously ogladyvayas on buyers side, who have already started to listen to our conversation): Listen, if the problem is in the price, I can offer you our special offer this week, all three cream for $ 199. It's cheaper than Botox!

I: Do I look good, and 45 will look good, and when I'm 50 - well, because there is nothing wrong with an aging woman. Old age - a privilege which many fate is denied. I am outraged that you're selling youth, rather than selling your products, and thereby humiliate older women. Thank you, I do not need your cream.

I was so shocked that this sales tactic is considered the norm, that I decided to photograph the face of wrinkles and bags under his eyes, which he sold his creams, right there at the airport.

This person loves my children and my husband. I think I'll keep it for what there is.

Following the publication on Annick Facebook page flooded comments. She decided to clarify some points.

"My position - not to lovers of natural lovers against a bright make-up and how I humiliated seller. Generally it is not a seller, it is, in my opinion, does its job and should be clearly given him the script. I wanted to say about the billion dollar industry that makes women hate ourselves.

It's not that what I'm pretty, or vice versa. And who can clearly decide what is beautiful and what is not?

At my place could be a supermodel and still she would have said that to her face that something terribly wrong. Perhaps she would have believed. After all, we are told from the cradle that the main value of women - beauty, brains and beauty embedded in the standard that we in reality can never achieve. Even supermodels reformats in Photoshop.

Let us unite and do away with these marketing predators - we have better things to do than worry about wrinkles, or whether we have enough shapely hips

. Every time a similar scenario will unfold in front of you, give back. Again and again, until it loses its power. Let's say "no" brands that sell cosmetics, cultivating in us a feeling of hatred for their appearance. There is no more powerful vote than a vote a purse. "


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