Psychological causes of visual impairment

They say that "the eyes - a mirror of the soulĀ»

. Vision is directly linked not only with the physical, but also mental state of a person. The look reflects our emotional state. We are talking about the look, "thoughtful", "affectionate", "detached", "contempt" .... VIEW person can convey everything he feels.

You can fool the words, gestures, facial expressions, but the look is almost impossible to cheat. You want to understand the man? Look into his eyes.

Status view is closely related to the psychological state of the person and represents his views to himself, to the people around them and to Life. Blurred vision is often indicative of some kind of psychological problems.

For example, myopia is common in people who experience fear of the future, and hyperopia occurs in those who are tired of the problems or evidence of inflexibility of thinking.

Overvoltage, stress, chronic sleep deprivation, work on the computer, pollution - this is an incomplete list of the causes of eye diseases, some of these diseases, such as, for example, cataracts develop gradually and painless, which is why we recommend at least a time from time to time to check the vision in an ophthalmologist.

The cause of visual impairment can be any negative emotions - anger, resentment, anger, fear, jealousy, sadness, which have well-defined physical consequences, such as reduced immunity, excess release of certain hormones, spasm of cerebral vessels, which lead to the disruption of the blood supply to the optic nerve , muscle tension (including ophthalmic), etc.

Therefore, as it is banal sounds, the best way to keep (and even improve) vision - a healthy lifestyle. And as in man, everything is interconnected, then apply this statement as physiology and psychology: normal diet and rest, enough sleep, positive attitude to life, physical activity and exercise, a positive attitude and affirmations, and vision becomes sharper, and the world around us - a bright and friendly, which I wish you from all my heart!


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