1370 - The construction of the Bastille. The original objective of the quadrangular house with eight tridtsatimetrovoy towers and ditches 25 meters wide and 8 deep was as simple as moo calf - to protect themselves from the British. Actually, the word "bastille" itself means "fortification". Fortress it was considered a very serious even, completed and strengthened in the course of two centuries. But - ironically - as soon as it was brought up, so to say, perfect, military need for it has disappeared completely. These things happened under Henry IV, who Navarre and the first of the Bourbons. But idle doing nothing so wonderful living space was not possible - it began to strike forcibly citizens who can not uzhitvatsya the current monarch. Well, the status of prison staff Bastille acquired under Cardinal Richelieu. If it is true, it was inhabited mainly political. Landlords can present a wide range - from the punishment for especially troubled guests on the ground and basement floors to the attic space with a special temperature regime, where weather metamorphosis felt with particular acuteness
. What can not be reproached space policy in the former fortress - as in the caste selectivity. Planted here all, regardless of social status. It was possible to note here Cagliostro, the Marquis de Sade, and Monsieur Voltaire and do twice was the title for the walls. They say much dramatic poem about King wrote rogue. Oh, and this one, which was in the Iron Mask. Who was this - has hardly ever know. To really fully emphasize the democratic institutions, noting that even books were placed here. For example, the French Encyclopedia.
Well, then it's July 14, 1789. Unhappy people of the Bastille took three years examined, sign "now here dancing" I set. What, in fact, to this day in this place and do. And, yes, even the July column in remembrance of the day taking erected


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