Joe Dispenza: materialization of the events in your life begins at the quantum level

Dr. Joe Dispenza (Joe Dispenza) became one of the first who began to investigate the effect of consciousness on reality from a scientific point of view. His theory of the relationship between matter and consciousness has brought him worldwide fame after the release of the documentary "We know what makes a signal».

The key discovery made by Joe Dispenza, is that the brain does not distinguish between the physical experience of the soul. Roughly speaking, the cells are "gray matter" is absolutely not distinguish the real, ie, material from the imaginary, ie, from thoughts!

Few people know that the doctors in the study of consciousness and neurophysiology began with the tragic experience. After Joe Dispenza was hit by a car, the doctors asked him to seal the damaged vertebrae by using the implant, which subsequently could lead to lifelong pain. Only in this way, according to the doctors, he was able to walk again.

Dispenza, but decided to give up the export of traditional medicine and regain their health through the power of thought. In just 9 months of therapy Dispenza was able to walk again. This was the impetus for the study of possibilities of consciousness.

The first step in this direction was to communicate with people who survived the experience "spontaneous remission." This spontaneous and impossible from the standpoint of human doctors healing from serious illness without the use of traditional treatment. The survey Dispenza found that all the people who went through a similar experience, were convinced that the idea is primary in relation to the matter and can heal any disease.

Neural networks

Theory of Dr. Dispenza claims that each time experiencing any experience, we "activate" a huge number of neurons in our brain, which in turn affect our physical condition.

That is a phenomenal power of consciousness, thanks to the ability to concentrate, creating the so-called synaptic connections - connections between neurons. Repeated experiences (situations, thoughts, feelings) create a stable neural connections, called neural networks. Each network is, in fact, a certain memory, on the basis of which our body reacts to future similar objects and situations.

According Dispenza, all our past "recorded" in the brain neural networks that shape the way we perceive and experience the world as a whole and its specific objects in particular. So, we just think that our reactions are spontaneous. In fact, most of them are programmed stable neural connections. Each object (stimulus) activates one or another neural network, which in turn causes a certain set of chemical reactions in the body.

These chemical reactions cause us to act or feel a certain way - to flee or to freeze in place, glad or sad, excited, or to fall into apathy, etc. All of our emotional reactions - no more than the result of chemical processes caused by the established neural networks, and they are based on past experience. In other words, in 99% of cases, we do not perceive reality as it is, and interpret it on the basis of ready-made images from the past.

The basic rule of neurophysiology is: the nerves, which are used together, are connected. This means that the neural network are formed by repeating fastening and experience. If you experience a long time not playing, neural networks disintegrate. Thus, the habit is formed by the regular "of pressing" a button of the same neural network. It is automatically generated response and conditioned reflexes - you have not had time to think and realize what is happening, and your body is already responding in a certain way

. The power of attention

Just think: our character, our habits, our personalities are just a set of stable neural networks, which we at any time can weaken or strengthen thanks to the conscious perception of reality! By focusing consciously and selectively on what we want to achieve, we create new neural networks.

Previously, scientists believed that the brain is static, but neuroscientists research shows that absolutely every slightest experience makes him thousands and millions of neural changes that affect the body as a whole. In his book "The Evolution of our brain science to change our minds" Joe Dispenza asks a logical question: if we are to help our thinking in the body to cause certain negative conditions that will not be there in the end this anomalous state norm

? Dispenza special experiment conducted to confirm the capacity of our consciousness.

Users of one group for one hour daily for pressed springy mechanism with the same finger. People from other groups would only imagine that the press. As a result, the fingers of the first group of people strengthened by 30%, and in the second - 22%. Such an effect purely mental practice on physical parameters - the result of neural networks. So Joe Dispenza has proved that there is no difference between real and mental experience for the brain and the neurons. So, if we pay attention to negative thoughts, our brain perceives them as a reality and cause corresponding changes in the body. For example, disease, anxiety, depression, aggression, etc. splash

Location rake?

Another conclusion of the research Dispenza for our emotions. Robust neural networks form the unconscious patterns of emotional behavior, ie, propensity to certain forms of emotional response. In turn, this leads to repeat the experience in life.

We are stepping on the same rakes because not aware of the reasons for their appearance! And the reason is simple - every emotion "felt" by releasing into the body of a certain set of chemicals, and your body simply becomes a kind of "dependent" of these chemical combinations. Realizing this dependence is a physiological dependence on chemicals, we can get rid of it.

Requires only a conscious approach.

Today looked lecture Joe Dispenza "Break the habit of being a" and thought: "That scientists gold monuments should be put ..." Biochemist, neurophysiologist, neuropsychologist, a chiropractor, a father of three children (two of them on the initiative Dispenza was born under water, although 23 years ago in US, this method was considered complete madness) and very charming person communication. Lectures read with sparkling humor, about neurophysiology says so simple and clear language - a true enthusiast of science, enlightening ordinary people, generously sharing his 20 years of scientific experience

. In his explanations he actively uses the latest achievements of quantum physics and already speaks of the coming time, when people are right now is not enough to learn about something, but now they are required to apply their knowledge in practice:

"Why wait for any special moment or the beginning of a new year to begin to radically change their thinking and life for the better? Just start to do it right now: cease to be repetitive daily negative aspects of behavior, from which you want to get rid of, for example, tell yourself this morning: "Today, I live day no one condemn" or "Today I'm not going to whine and complain about everything" or "I will not be annoyed today» ....

Try to do something in a different order, for example, if the first wash, and then brush your teeth, do the opposite. Or take, and forgive someone. Just. Break the usual designs !!! And you feel strange and very pleasant sensations, you will like it, to say nothing of those global processes in your body and mind, you run it! Start getting used to think about yourself and to talk with him as a best friend.

Change of thinking leads to profound changes in the physical body. If a man took and thoughtful, impartial look at yourself from the side:

"Who am I?
Why do I feel bad?
Why do I live the way I do not want?
What do I need to change in yourself?
What exactly bothers me?
From what I want to get rid of? ", Etc. and I felt a burning desire to not react as before, or not to do something, as before - which means that it has passed through the process

«understanding». This internal evolution. At this point, he made the jump. Accordingly, a person begins to change, and the new person needs a new body.

So there is a spontaneous healing: the new consciousness of the disease can no longer remain in the body, because It is changing all the biochemistry of the body (we change the mind, and from this changing set of chemical elements involved in the processes, our inner environment becomes toxic to the disease), and the person recovers.

Dependent behavior (ie, addiction to everything from video games to irritability) can be determined very easily: it is something that you find it hard to stop when you want

. If you can not come unstuck from the computer and check your page in the social network every 5 minutes, or understand, for example, that the irritability interfere with your relationship, but you can not stop annoyed - you know that you depend not only on the mental level, but also at the biochemical (stuffing your body requires hormones responsible for this state).

It is scientifically proven that the effect of the chemical elements lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and if you continue to have this or that state longer, know that all the rest of the time you pegged it in himself, his thoughts provoking cyclical excitation of neural network and re-release of unwanted hormones that cause negative emotions, ie, you are supported in this state itself!

By and large, you voluntarily choose their health. The best advice for such situations - learn to switch their attention to something else: nature, sports, watching comedy, so anything that can distract you and switch. The sharp refocusing attention will loosen and "put out" the action of hormones that respond to a negative state. This ability is known as neuroplasticity.

And the better you will develop in themselves this quality, the easier it will be to manage their reactions that the chain will lead to a great many changes in your perception of the external world and the internal state. This process is called evolution.

Because new ideas lead to a new choice, a new choice leads to new behavior, new behavior leads to a new experience, a new experience leads to new emotions, which, together with new information from the surrounding world, begin to change your genes epigenetically (ie second). And then these new emotions, in turn, begin to generate new ideas, and so you develop self-esteem, self-confidence, etc. In this way we can improve ourselves and therefore our lives.

Depression - is also a vivid example of dependence. Any state of dependence says biochemical imbalance in the body, as well as the imbalances in the communication "mind-body»

The biggest mistake people make is that they associate their emotions and behavior of the line with his personality: we did say "I'm nervous," "I am weak", "I'm sick", "I'm miserable," etc. They believe that the manifestation of certain emotions identifies their identity, so constantly subconsciously seek to repeat the response or condition of the scheme (for example, physical illness or depression) as if to confirm them every time, who they are. Even if they themselves are suffering at the same time! A huge misconception. Any undesirable state can be removed, and each person's capacity is limited only by his imagination, if desired.

And when you want to change in your life, imagine clearly what it is you want, but do not develop in the mind "hard plan" of how it will happen, to be able to "select" the best option for you, which can be quite unexpected.

Suffice it internally to relax and try to enjoy the soul that has not happened yet, but it will happen. Do you know why? Because at the quantum level of reality it has already occurred, provided that you clearly presented and heartily rejoiced. It begins with the birth of the quantum level of the materialization of the event.

So get busy there first. People used to be happy only that "you can touch", which have already been implemented. But we are not accustomed to trust themselves and their ability to co-create reality, though doing this every day, mostly on a negative wave. Suffice it to recall how often our fears are realized, although these events, too, formed by us, but without control ... But when you develop the ability to control the mind and emotions, miracles begin to happen.

Believe me, I can give you thousands of beautiful and inspiring examples. You know, when someone smiles and says that something will happen, and he is asked: "How do you know?", And he calmly replies: "Just know ...." This is a prime example of the controlled implementation of events ... I am sure that absolutely everyone has ever experienced this particular condition. »

That's just about the complex said Joe Dispenza. All warmly advise his books as soon as they translate into Russian and will start selling in Russia.

"The most important habit to become our habit to be ourselves».
Joe Dispenza

And Dispenza advice: never stop learning. Best of all information is acquired when a person is surprised. Try every day to learn something new - it develops and trains your brain to create new neural connections, which in turn, will change and develop your ability to conscious thinking, which will help you to model your own happy and fulfilling reality.


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