How to wash windows with the help of the trunk?

You know, modern gadgets not only simplify many routine exercises, but also contribute to a more favorable environment in the family. So when it's time to spring washing the windows, I tried all this wet process to take on the robot. There can be very useful for test offered remarkable automatic washer windows - Hobot -188. This is the youngest model in the line of trunks, although it was another predecessor, but now there are already more advanced - square shape. Square, he was asking for a long time already, but Hobot-188, in principle, washes great, what more to tell.

Hobot Files Manager, a name, a funny thing, is sold in a box (thanks to the cap).

It looks nothing unusual. Well box and carton. In the picture did not even understand its purpose. Anyway until you try it in the case and is satisfied as a result, the ratio for such a washer biased windows. So it was me all along anticipating, take a look in the box.

Here we have the trunk itself, without the elephant's true, but with the tail. The tail consists of the similarity of parachute cord, just like as a core without, well, we do not parachute jump. The power supply with an extension cord and a standard power cord and remote control. A remote Why? It's not TV. But again this is later.

Oh, and even a pair of interchangeable rings, which are made of microfiber cloth dress, and a set of these same tissues of 12 pieces.

I have to test a set of napkins was not, but I had a great two cost.

Additional rings pictured not included, but there is nothing interesting, here it is clear that it is much worn.

There are instructions about which even the trunk is written, be sure to read before switching on! But in fact there are only a couple of important things, or even three.

1. What before using the device should be charged.
2. You can not use it on the glasses without frames (otherwise suck on the edge and the skiff).
3. To press on the remote control, he began to wash the window.

Well rope need somewhere secure for insurance is clear. But even though there is the battery, it is probably just a safety net, you need to wash the windows with AC power, and for this there is an extension cord power supply cord.

You need to charge your battery only once, after the opening of the box, the very first time. Battery charge time is 3 hours. After charging, the LED lights up green. With further use of pre-charging the battery is not needed, because the device is powered using the AC adapter. The battery is an emergency power supply in case of loss of voltage in the network.

So understood, it is time to suck it already HeadCrab'a the glass. And it sucks really badly. Turning on the power, joy pisknet trunk and a couple of seconds to roar their engines, which drive the air through the cloth out of the central nozzle output. It sticks to the glass, as I said firmly. Next you need to click on the remote uppermost button and crawl up the trunk.

Move it shazhochkami prisasyvayas turn to glass is one, then another round at the same time stepping. Climb a lot of fun. When he reached the top, and ran into the side of the frame, he turns on his side and go to the right lateral side, rests on it and begin the reverse movement to the left side. And so all over the window, trying to better clean the place of transition from level to level.

Here also affects the advantage of a square shape. The upper and lower corners of the frame are not washed. But compared with the general cleanliness of the glass is nonsense. Corners can be wiped with a cloth, and most, if of course it is possible to reach. I, for example, on the balcony there is glass with a reverse angle which is very uncomfortable to stretch mop and hand do not crawl. I was there the last time, dropped the mop out. Well there was no one, and the 13th floor by the way.

By the way about the quality of washing. I did not immediately let out. To begin to test in the mirror in the closet. The last time after washing some domestic means there was barely noticeable whitish plaque. The trunk with her two rags soaked with water only without any means it is cleaned off and not leave any streaks. I suspect the whole thing into a miracle microfiber + strong nip by powerful engines and good traction.

The quality of washing the windows can be estimated on the photo. Here are the photos to:

And then:

Generally difficult to photograph clear glass. It turns out only manual focus, and with careful selection of the background. Some of the photos visible dirt in the corners It's like I said, the lack of a round shape.

Themselves better to wash cloth after each of the outer glass. They collect dirt very well.

The instructions generally refers to washing in the washing machine apparently, but remembering his student years and socks washing with soap and wash their hands easily in a few minutes, and again in the battle.
so often they do not need zastiryvat on the inside of the windows.

And here, by the way, you can see how the dirt disappears under the trunk window miracle robot. But it is better to see once the video is worth a thousand times to see the photo. I made a couple of videos demonstrating the operation of the automatic washer of windows.

Let us once again describe in detail the process of washing the windows by using the trunk.

insert the power cord into the outlet and the robot
Charge until the green LED lights up
attach a safety cable, for example to work
battery include the robot and applying it to the glass
click on the remote motion button up
forward when the robot will wash the window and stop fun squeak
a couple of times Stick it on and off, taking off from the glass

It's simple. At the end of the process wipe or wipe the frame and corners, and go on to wash.

One may ask, what if the robot stops away from the edge of the glass and it will not get a hand? To do this, the remote has buttons "move left" and "move right" is enough to click on them and podpolzet trunk to the right edge of your

. The manual also says that with the help of Hobot-188 can be washed and the floor, but I did not abuse it, my dog ​​and was so shocked, and did not fast it is - a large surface wipe, there is better to use a robot polisher, maybe he somehow appear in my review;)

Finally another video showing the entire process of washing of windows at the time, and photography "What's inside?».

As you can see, washing one about the standard glass window takes about 3 minutes.

Now let's see what's inside:

To begin unscrew 2 bolt fastening rotating basis for microfiber and 6 screws. Remove the wheels.

Here we see that on the rotating circles passed a plastic part an effort that looks and feels-like nylon or similar material. The material is good, it does not crack under load as ABS, offset here.

Raise the top, the white part of the body, for that detaching the terminal and plug the power button. It is happy, there is no cheap Chinese technology - hot melt and direct solder wire when the wire is necessary to disassemble or otpaivat or bite

razemchik itself is standard, with the guides and the latch, not to confuse the polarity.

In general, it seemed to me that there is on the more powerful engine, this view on quite small.

But once it cleared many questions how that works. I thought it clever system of valves, but it turns out, no. "Suction cup" is a constant in both krutilki, and movement occurs only by the rotation of the supports. Turns are made using different Kruglyakov speeds.

And here is the battery: 14, 8 V, 650 mA / h is such a spare wheel, if power is lost. I think it will be enough for a short while, if anything, needs to be more attentive to the robot.

Brain. Here standard protection circuit reverse engineering and self-repair. Important zafrezerovany chip and can not be recognized. Although in general it is clear how it works, and I think any microcontroller can be put here.

Incidentally an interesting solution to the motors rotation platforms. They are absolutely standard and widespread. But the detection of obstacles is made, probably in the control of motors currents, it may be somehow related to the sensors on the underside of the ...

Then I began to understand, yet it is necessary to collect the back and that everything worked again.


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