I want sweet? - Find out what you are missing really

When our body needs calcium, we want sweet. Calcium in nature, has a sweet taste.

If we plant the strawberries in the ground, rich in calcium, the berries are very sweet. If you are constantly pulling on the sweet, which means that the level of calcium in your body is very low.

It was very hard to give up sweets. I do not eat sweets, but the store every time I had to close my eyes, walking past shelves with sweet. If I had not held down and watched me immediately wanted to go and try something sweet.

I shared this desire with an acquaintance. In response, he said: "Victoria, you just do not have enough calcium." He told me to soak sesame seed, make him a milk and drink it on an empty stomach every day for two weeks.

I followed his advice. In the beginning I would add in sesame milk a little honey. But after a few days, I no longer wanted to milk it was too sweet, and I began to put less honey. A week later, honey I do not become necessary. Then I wanted more bitter milk, and I moved to the brown (not peeled sesame seed.)

Within two weeks, I did not leave the house without my cup of sesame milk. And yet two weeks later another friend of mine gave me dates. I love them! I took a bite and could not swallow. It was too sweet.

The chemical balance of my body has changed. I do not like sweet, even what is useful for us. Perfectly! That summer was full of grapes everywhere, but I did not like. Sesame milk is calcium King. »

Author: Victoria Butenko of the book "12 stpeney to the raw food diet"


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