Where beautiful women over 30, over 40, let alone 50?

Ten years ago a friend of mine, at the time a successful and attractive man of forty, at some event and the conversation I had a chance to listen to the rare men of revelation.

He said something like: "I can not understand - in our country so many beautiful girls, young women, and where the beautiful women over 30, over 40, let alone 50? It seems that they are to reach the age of 30 out of the country in sealed wagons. Where are the aunt and the hideous old woman - slovenly, unkempt, evil, stupid. And still complain that their husbands drink! I too saw no drying out if my house waiting for this aunt. »

The man said, and went on, and I think hard and remember his words so far. We women complain that their husbands drink, have mistresses, leaving the family to ignore us, etc., and all we do is to be welcome, nice to take care of us would like to contact treasured, loved and appreciated we ...? ..

Below is a small selection of a variety of lectures on the theme of "premature aging».

I wish all women to be always beautiful and inspiring!

"We need to be constantly in the process of cognition and learning even small portions of some, even small things, but it is necessary, it stimulates. There is a saying:. "As long as our brain is young, we are young" You know that as a man he only stagnates inside, he immediately covered, he looks as though as though covered with cobwebs, you noticed it? That's when a man of such conservative - all, he can not be absolutely nothing, no point of view, he did not accept. It looks very old, you will notice, right? At the same time, on the contrary - let the person out there a hundred and fifty of wrinkles, but it does have this one's young mind, which is always ready for new, it is always as a child, he is surprised and looking, that person will always be young to be away youthful energy to go. »
Polonsky M. "Saraswati»

"Women in general need to open your heart to at least someone, because if it does not open, it builds mental strength, and it starts very nervous, she lost beauty, hormonal function and everything else, aging body." < br> Torsunov "Duties of a woman in the family»

"Medicine, albeit reluctantly, began to recognize that the meat diet is the cause of atherosclerosis, leading to heart attacks, strokes, premature aging of the organism. Cancer also easily develop in the body, weakened cadaveric poisons, taking meat. »
Non-scientific atheism

"Shorten the length of human life violations of the laws of existence of the body, that is a bad food, not the right order of the day, etc. This is very much written, and I will not dwell on this. The main reason for the aging of the body are bad thoughts and negative emotions that a person experiences in relation to themselves, to others, in relation to the world situation, etc.

Every woman wants to have a very clean face without wrinkles. Facial wrinkles are formed due to the fact that it is not de-energized muscles of the head. Muscles tense up, they are in an unnatural condition for them, so the skin is somehow flattened and wrinkles. If you are in the morning and evening will be like that relax the muscles of the head, the wrinkles will not grow. This anti-aging technique is very good for women, because it perfectly relaxes muscles of the head. (Rejuvenating technique 01:44:15) »
Lala "causes of disease and methods of rejuvenation»

"And many scientists are now confirmed by the fact that if people are cursing each other, and they, and even in animals, which are present at the same time, break down DNA molecules, which naturally leads to aging. Therefore, in the relationship of the spouses is always important to the quality of accumulated vibrations, that is, it must be only positive emotions and positive words that form the life-affirming and zhiznesozidayuschee field. If you are angry, tired, hurt, it is better to do nothing. But if you can not do nothing, that is, you have to do something, try to change your mood with or some exercise, or sing. »
Lala "Levels of conjugal love. Ancient traditions showdown. »

"A woman dressed frankly, when desperate than ever to attract. On the subtle plane with her all the men who looked with lust, sex. A woman loses a lot of energy and premature aging. it becomes unattractive to my husband. »
Intimate knowledge for women

"Old age, old age - Saturn, young age, youth - Venus. Therefore, if a woman after 40 starts to wear jewelry - it will contain the influence of Saturn »
. Saturn

"We can say even miniskirts and mini-jackets, which, combined with the rejection of warm clothes began to threaten the body hypothermia organs located in the abdomen and pelvis - colds are the kidneys and adrenal glands, the skin condition will worsen
If you walk in the cold open kidneys and adrenal glands, it leads to rapid aging, that is, there is a kidney, they, in general, a source of energy in the body and if the cold they begin to not work properly, the woman gets a great opportunity faster aging than usual .

In ancient times, well aware of this, and our ancestors have always dressed skillfully, warm and beautiful. They did not go in mini-skirts and mini blouses. »Lala


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