Uchenye- lush women like hungry men

Researchers at the University of Westminster ran tests on how hunger affects the preferences of men and women.

As a result, psychologists have found: men prefer women "in the body", when they are hungry, while women are more hungry prefer muscular men. Researchers believe that the solution of these biases rooted in ancient evolutionary instinct. Form women and especially men, breast size is regarded as the level of fat reserves. That is, the owner of the magnificent forms has access to food resources, and therefore, can help in the production of food. During the experiments, 124 men showed a photo of lush and not give. There are five different body shapes. Half of the men's group ate tightly, the other did not have access to products, for six hours. "Hungry," a group of men prefer women with large breasts.

Dr Viren Swami from University of Westminster explains: "If a person is hungry, he prefers the breast larger and more magnificent woman. If women are hungry, they are attracted by a muscular man. This hints on resources. If you're hungry, you want to partner resources, which has them. Anyone who has the harder access to food. " Studies have long shown that women with a large bust and hips are popular in periods of economic depression. Psychologists believe that this is due to the fact that large women are associated with strength and wealth in times of trouble.


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