Perfection in exchange for love

During a woman's desire to be perfect and perfect is trying to sell an attractive image of the man himself.

So she tries to secure a guarantee of security for long-term relationship with him.

"I'll be good, and you for that love me" - this strategy women


Reasonable question: whether your practice, such a strategy

? Does the idea of ​​an employee hired on a salary to the employer, if he is good, then the salary will be paid regularly? Yes, definitely works.

But if a woman wants to be a good worker in a man? Definitely not!

She wants him love, care, tenderness, strong shoulder. She wants to relax in the family. And at the same time to be perfect and perfect!

Do not you think that these are two completely different goals?

If you analyze a bit, it becomes clear that the desire to be perfect imposed on it from early childhood parents when it was convenient to do from her obedient girl for his own peace of mind.

Parents believe (and still do) that only a good, exemplary daughter can be happy married wife.

Believing parents proposed model, it aims at universal scale - be perfect

. Of course, this goal is unattainable, and it is guaranteed in the future disappointment in itself, endless reproaches and remorse.

If you want love, but in the mind flickers idea that love is given only an ideal, it is clearly ahead of the looming loneliness.

Perfection in exchange for love?

Well, you start to realize that this childhood thoughts of the child who wants to be recognized parents?

Perfection in exchange for love

So, with that out.

Then the following question: Under what conditions is the love of man and woman's happiness it will necessarily be present in the life of

? The answer is simple: people want to understand them. Perhaps it is surprising for a woman, but the man wants his needs have been accepted and satisfied.

And this does not necessarily be perfect. Imperfect people can also understand the other.

At that time, when there is understanding and meeting the needs of one person committed another historical moment for both: between empathy occurs first, then sympathy, and in the end, common reality

. In marketing a similar process called the sale an attractive image of itself. A person who has developed the ability to "sell yourself" definitely successful. He repeatedly creates emotional intimacy with those to whom his attention is directed.

Of course, for the wise women develop the ability to "sell yourself" is the overriding goal. The goal, which allows you to be both imperfection and cause relations.

Refusal of excellence grants freedom to all participants of relations, and the freedom to be a Kindle to Love, who this freedom pozvolil.opublikovano

© Marc Ifraimov


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