Renowned psychologist Anna Zypries - what a man can not speak

From the diary of a psychologist. Conversation with a woman:

"But he wanted me just once in six months!»

Well and that?

"But every six months enough!»

-Uydite Him!

- "How does it go away?"

-So And leave. For another, the better, which wants at least once in a quarter.

"No, I like my husband, I love him. We have children. It's impossible. Although he ... »

The French have a wonderful saying: "As long as I have at least one finger - I'm a man." Do you think that this saying only men? No, it is a much greater extent on the French women who are able to take pleasure in any man. The opposite opinion proves handicap and sexual restraint of our women. Because we all know, in the Soviet Union to the world said "we have no sex" (the famous phrase which have flown all over the world)

Psychologists have conducted a survey among couples and partners living in a common law marriage. Anonymous questionnaires were distributed. Not telling no address, no names had to answer only one question: how many times a week do you have sex with a partner. Answers struck psychologists: Men making love to two and a half times more than women ?! What is the reason for this difference in the responses? Explanation of one thing - excessive male ego. Even in anonymous questionnaires, they overestimated their abilities.

If a woman wants to be an ally of men in maintaining his self-esteem and pride of men, she should try to play along with him, as far as possible.

Even if, in her opinion, he does not deserve it. Even if he is almost unable. Insists that it is "the most-most." And God forbid you do not accuse him of weakness, "Impotent unfortunate" - this phrase, you will pass a sentence of his manhood, and with you, he will never be a full man

. Women need to know that every man according to their sexual constitution, has an individual rate of sex: no more, no less, just as much time he wants to engage in sexual contact

. "But my friend said that her husband wants her every day, and this after 10 years of marriage!" - How did this woman does not understand what a friend says it all on purpose, reporting that her husband had sexual giant, and that he wanted her often . Sexologist can advise: "Here you are talking about the same thing her friend»

The current opinion that a man "can" always and everywhere mistaken. The man, unlike a woman can not have sex without desire, and can not pretend, unlike women, the lack of desire.

He's a lover, "on the wings of love" can have sex, heated very situation and not as frequent meetings. With his wife as he sees every day and goes to bed with her one, three, five, ten years or more, a man is not He tries to be a "Stakhanovite" to surpass their sex norm. With his wife he would be what he really is.

Try to conduct an experiment with his beloved:

You can tell him that he was a freak, what you have not seen. He looks in the mirror and accept.

Can you tell him that he was not Schwarzenegger, not 007, not Kirkorov and even Basque. Frustrated and forget.

Can you doubt his abilities as a specialist. Resentment, but not for long.

You can not believe he caught the meter pike. Grudges for a long time, then by distrust forgive.

You can disappoint him by not believe in winning his favorite football team. Offense, but a week later forget.

You can even hit him in a fit of quarrel. He was very angry, but then forgive ...

But God forbid you to touch his manhood careless word or action. It will explode with all its consequences.

As sexologists say, "What is the most sensitive spot in a man? This is his self-esteem. But if the eye responsible for vision, for the hearing - the ears, the pride of a man is from the waist »

. Watch for her husband (partner) and install it on any laws depends on his willingness or unwillingness: seasons, magnetic storms, the success or failure at work, bosses discontent of salary or allowances for it. Anticipate his sexual moods and change yourself for his opportunity. Because your man is, above all, wants you to have not only his partner's in bed, but also a friend who understands him. Do not believe me? Tell him that he is a wimp in bed (despite the fact that he was leader, winner, champion, etc.). You do not want? Because guess what was coming. And guess correctly. You do run the risk of being alone.

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, I advise, together with her husband to turn to professionalu- sexologist and read professional literature. In recent years, it turned out a lot of interesting books about the sexual side of life, of which you can find out what had not even imagined. For example: A. Ilyin, "Hunting for men", a practical guide; B. De Angelis, "Secrets of life that every woman should know" and "Secrets about men that every woman should know»

© Anna Zypries


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