15 types of men who do not deserve your attention

Do not even dare to spend on these men their precious time and themselves - they are not worthy of your attention and seconds


Incorrigible rebel, an eternal teenager, who continually risks and violates all sorts of rules - under the charm of its negative at least once in life can get every girl. Studies (including law) start when playing with fire is delayed, and his thirst for freedom turns into a basic inability to live normally with other people.


His daily route - a sofa, a computer with your favorite games, refrigerator and then in a circle. He may look eccentric, but charming, in spite of the warnings of friends and girlfriends. The word "lazy" you do not come to mind? Then think about what place in his movements in store for you, its very likely the route will not change


Shit happens with everyone, but with this, you somehow always find yourself in the role of rescuer, "vest" or nurses. Yes, help others - that's very noble, but perhaps the man simply does not know how to attract attention otherwise. Most likely, he will try to manipulate you.


This is another type of the eternal victim: he works from dawn to dusk, and at work he always pressed for time and deadline. This does not the fact that this race gives the corresponding financial results.

But even if we give, it is never enough time to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. If you want to be a pair of such a man, you have to always compete with his work and love solitude: you can hardly wait for a romantic weekend. It is not excluded that the office serves as a refuge for him from a life in which there is a normal intimate relationship.


And often - and even a liar. If he is able to repeat with such gusto different gossips about other people, then you can imagine what and to whom he will talk about you.


How to spend your free time than to wonder what to eat and drink, with whom to communicate, how to dress, comb and how to apply makeup - all of these issues is appropriate only friendly advice. And then - if you are asking about it. All other recommendations directly warned: you're dealing with a tyrant


You do not know anything about his family, never met his friends, and have not heard anything about his colleagues? In this case, the "mysterious stranger" best and those remain: the relationship with the "man without a past" are likely to be without a happy future.

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He always craves attention (ie, admiration), no matter what the company may be. He is able to pour the liter of toilet water and walked past the mirror, certainly cast a satisfied glance at his reflection.

He often interrupts others, sprinkles jokes (not always witty) and angry, if no response is not laughing. It can show the charm and pressure, to be with you a charming and courteous, but the main object of his interest, of course, did not you, but he himself, the one and only.


Oh, yes, it is very moving: it is infinitely concerned about the mother's health and is able to exploit in order to perform the slightest her request. So he's the world's most valued family ties? Make no mistake: if he looks for in the life of someone, it is not the woman he loves, and the same nurse caring for himself. In your face, for example.


How strange: the new buddy so you again notice the familiar features! Maybe this time the novel crowned a successful finale? Probably not. And most likely, the problem lies in your unconscious: because of him you over and over again step on the same rake. That's exactly the problem is and to begin consciously understand.


No, it's not about the profession, although his turbulent emotions would look perfect on screen and on stage. The problem is that any of the flies he is able to do the elephant and regularly doing the trick. Of course, the first reaction of others - the desire to dissuade him and reassure, but it takes a lot of effort. Be careful: it is their "Artist" and is powered


This handsome can be considered a kind of narcissus, only with a particular focus on its physical virtues. The figure, smile, hair, teeth - everything in it has to be perfect, and he constantly takes care of this. And you also have to constantly worry about it, if you want to be together. And also - unwittingly cultivate serious complexes about their appearance

. Elusive HUNTER

He skillfully flirts with everyone, but no one lets you know yourself closer. In fact, he is very afraid to open up and take in respect of personal liability. For you, this game may make sense in one case:. If you like this feel of game hunting

Family Man

A married man - it is not always hopeless diagnosis, but beware of the manipulators. If he convincingly and pathetically proves to you that "there" is not left feeling that he suffers and misses, but it is a thousand and one reason not to change the situation, you can be assured that nothing will never change

Love for money can not buy, but the human relationship with money can really tell a lot about its hidden virtues or shortcomings. This is a very delicate moment: if you really unselfish, but you because of the money falls to him regularly blush likely to show up in such a relationship and the other, much more serious problems.


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