What need is there to enhance the effectiveness of training

Since the beginning of the spring particularly want to be in shape, there are many specific exercises that can help in this. But except the exercise is useful to take into account all relevant factors.

< Website has decided to tell you about what is best to eat before and after exercise, to improve their performance in several times.
< br> Before training

We should stick to the golden mean. Do not overeat, but do exercise on an empty stomach, too, will not bring health benefits. During a workout, your body will use the product, which we ate last. And it is desirable that it was a protein, fruits or whatever contains cellulose. If we used to eat animal protein, it will actively promote the development of muscles; If fruits and fiber, they will act on the digestive system and launch processes to cleanse the body

Examples of foods that are good to eat 2-3 hours before exercise:.

sandwich with cheese and apple cereal bar or milk and fruits green salad with chicken or tuna wheat crackers or whole grain bread < / yogurt and fruit nuts fruit cocktail or natural juice

During training

Here in the first place there is water. Just take enough water with you, so that your body does not become dehydrated and lose nutrients. We should also actively support the production of glucose, as a living fuel for our body

Examples of foods that contain glucose:.

natural fruit juice bananas raisins and other dried fruits

After training

Moment after exercise is critical to your body, which begins to change from the exercise. At this time, activates the metabolism, muscles are also in a state of change, to fix the result

Examples of products for recovery after exercise:.

fresh vegetables, steamed or fried lean meat or fish salad with various vegetables

All of these products do not require a strict diet, this kind of power rather say just about a healthy lifestyle.

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