7 ways to deprive a man of true courage

Every modern woman dreams of a real man, while often leaving their chosen opportunity. But what is even worse, in the quest to become an equal partner a woman is able to do everything to completely deprive a man of his inherent qualities of the floor.

Therefore, the girls definitely should avoid the following situations if they do not want their man escaped and eventually turned into a limp creature.

To show disrespect to his profession
Today, more than a thousand years ago, public opinion about a person develops on the basis of the way in which he makes his living. Whether your partner is working as a baker, a blacksmith, a shepherd or a financial analyst, if you do not respect his profession, you have to reconsider your point of view. Showing disrespect to his work is akin to ridicule the size of his manhood. You risk to cause a serious blow to his vanity.

Conflict because of his salary
Do you think a man likes to hear from a life partner disgruntled comments about how much money he brings home? Not really. When it comes to wages, absolutely everyone has in this respect their own opinions and goals. Therefore, even if you have very good reason to discuss the overall budget, it is not necessary to heap accusations man at every opportunity, especially to add any accusations completely irrelevant conversation. This is extremely inefficient.

To ask for help, then to do everything in his
In relations between two adults, a man, first of all, it is your partner. So, if you were business partners, each of you equally bore responsibility for their part in order to achieve overall success. Similarly, the situation in relations between men and women. When entrusting the man some request, you will immediately seek to carry out its own, spit on all his efforts and the efforts you the most honest way are attacking his manhood.

To arrange scandal with foreign
Worse capricious child, suiting ugly scene in a public place, can only be a woman, a man rolls his tantrum in public. No matter how he tried to make amends, and so all will understand that he is guilty. An attempt to escape would look stupid on his part. If he decides to appear calm and balanced, it risks provoking an even more loud fit of hysterics. In that case, if he wants to drown a woman, it will look like a complete jerk. Please do not elect to drive your in a situation where he will feel between a rock and a hard place.

To control his every move
A real man would not like to be reminded on a daily basis, who's the boss here. In the end, everyone has the right to do what he wants. Often, the man is very difficult to give up personal freedom for the sake of even a great love.

Do not make it again and again to experience the dramatic moment when he tries to take a decision. In the end, it's just cruel. Yes, severely. Imagine that in the day you asked your chosen rearranged heavy wardrobe from one room to another, and themselves near Werth, criticizing and clearly demonstrating that it is necessary for the pitch and how to drag. This, if you will, a form of slavery.

Call for help of another guy
By their nature, man - big owners, with this also applies to things and to work. They pride themselves on their ability to take up the challenge and save the day, because all the real men should do so. Even if your hands are not chosen grow out of the place, it will take up the work in the house when something needs to be repaired.

Moreover, any other man would support it and will be respected for the valiant attempt to solve the problem yourself.

Women, in contrast, not only do not understand, but also try to find reinforcements for somebody more competent. Such a specialist certainly exists, however, if the responsibility for solving the problem took on a man, he should ask for help.

And how would you feel if he called his highly seasoned mom help you deal with your household chores?

To ignore his feelings
Like women, men can also be sensitive, especially if you touch certain strings. You are not in any case should not beat around the bush, if you want to share with your chosen their feelings or opinion on some issue.

Similarly, it does not get too hard to express displeasure with its existing shortcomings. Sometimes we feel so comfortable with a partner, that the risk to make his eyes that had never dared to tell a friend or colleague. It suffices to note, some women are very generous with criticism.

Of course, man can make such a remark philosophically, dismiss or ignore, but deep down he will fester resentment and resentment until, until one day all this does not break out. Believe me, you do not exactly enjoy it.


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