We can achieve anything if we are ruthless to itself

Get on the treadmill. Start the run. Not fast. Just run. Do not set yourself any limits on time or at a distance. Run.

< You're running towards your pity.

It took 5 minutes, then 10. Pity launches its first scout in a mind which says:

- Well, enough for today, tomorrow poboreshsya pity

. Run down. Easy fatigue enters the body, and the mind goes on a dialogue:

- All right, handsome. Three kilometers from the first attempt. And the last time you ran 10 years ago. Good for you, you can be proud of yourself.

Run. Conversation becomes louder:

- And who and what are you trying to prove? Nobody sees, nobody will appreciate. You're an idiot. It is wrong to burden the body immediately.

< Do not stop. The body gets tired more and more.

- Damn, I'm hurt. Enough. I can not take it anymore. I'm tired.

Shortness of breath, pain. Run.

- You're at ourselves I would look. Do not shame vegetable. You run as lame hippopotamus. For all look at you and think you're a moron.

< RUN !!!

- I want to take a shower, I want to relax. Come on, smoke, eat something tasty. Enough to run, went to the movies. I feel bad.

Run. He denies the body, but run.

- You are welcome! Enough! I feel bad. I'll die now. I am sorry for me!

Run. Running for the sake of running. I want to cry - cry. I want to cry - cry. But keep running. And suddenly:

- ...

< Run becomes easy to ...

- ...

It opens a second wind. You feel free. And with it a pity reappears:

- Well done! All you got me beat. Now let's go to the movies.

Run. Pity will return again and again. It will deceive you, misleading, depressed, in doubt, and will do its utmost to seduce. Whatever happens - keep running. < Your body is stronger than your pity. Once you become empty: your run will just run. Without pity.

And so in all. Wherever discouraged wherever you think, you are treated unfairly wherever laziness makes retreat. Look for a place without pity. Train yourself. In relationships, in meditation, in ...

Be ruthless. Merciless to himself.

Author: Alex Pokhabov
Photos on the preview: shutterstock

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