6 evidence of evolution that remained on your body

Rudiments - is the "extra" is not functioning organs or structures that are scattered throughout the human body. That they prove unlike modern man from his ancestors.

Website 6 gathered evidence of evolution that remained on your body.

Long palmar muscle 47,307,105

Put your hand on a flat surface, palm up. Somknite with pinky and thumb, and then gently lift them up. We saw a bunch of the wrist? This muscle is the "legacy" of our ancestors and is responsible for the release of the clutches and enhances grip when jumping from tree to tree. Do not worry if you have not found - in modern life it is useless

. Goosebumps

The main reasons for the appearance of ants are cold and danger. In this case the spinal cord produces the excitation of peripheral nerves, which lifted the scalp. In cold conditions it allows you to keep more heat inside the cover, while the danger of an animal gives more massive appearance. Goosebumps are also associated with strong emotional experiences and may appear in admiration.


Epicanthus - skin fold on the upper eyelid, which is characteristic only of the Mongoloid race. Most researchers believe that it originated as a result of natural conditions of human habitation:. Severe cold, deserts and hot sun

lunate fold

This tiny fold of skin at the corner of the eye is a relic of the nictitating membrane. In birds, reptiles and fish, it is fully functional and serves to keep the surface moist eyes and unharmed. At some point, it became unnecessary to people, but they remained a small piece of the crease coupled with the muscles.

Ear muscles

Ear muscles - this is a classic example of a vestigial organs. Our ancestors they helped move his ears to better hear the approaching predator opponents, relatives or prey. Now very few people can do it.

Wisdom Teeth

When a person needs were all 32 teeth to chew hard and tough foods. Today we consume processed foods, and the need for "eight" disappeared. Therefore, half of the population of these teeth anymore.

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