Learn how to grow cauliflower all winter!

Cauliflower - useful and vegetable diet. And as a rare exception to this rule - delicious. At least the usual cabbage she is not a competitor. But if stored properly, you can pamper yourself with vitamins throughout the winter.

If you want to keep the cauliflower as long as possible, you can use the typical methods of cabbage - hang stumps in the basement. However, there is one thing - cabbages must not come into contact with each other. The trick is "weightlessness". But the pull of the rope around the basement, not all handy. There is an easier way - to shift the stem slide in the basement. It is said that this method allows you to keep the cabbage, two or three months.

It is more difficult for those who have no cellar. In this case it is necessary to sacrifice freshness - pickle head. For this pre-peeled and washed cabbage pour the boiling water, stand a half hour, closing the lid. Then drain the water, to dry give the cabbage and pour cool boiled brine at the rate of a glass of salt for three to four cups of water. Brine should completely cover cabbage.

After the cabbage in brine is cool, cover with a wooden circle it and put it on the press. Stored this cabbage in cold rooms (on the balcony, loggia) or on ice. Before use, rinse it under running water.

Similarly, it is prepared for the pickling. Then boil until cooked cabbage in brine. After that, drain the brine, spread the cabbage to the banks and pour the hot marinade. Marinade boiled water based on a certain ratio, sugar and vinegar.

And, given the popularity of frozen products, we offer the last option if there is no time to salt and pickle: freezing. Just iterate through the cabbage, cut into pieces, spread in plastic bags and store in the freezer until use.

Keeping the color in the winter ... underground

You can continue to grow cauliflower and winter. All that is needed - not cut the cabbage, and dig up the roots and replant in a box with sand or earth.

Where to put the box - it does not matter: in the basement, on the porch, the attic. The main thing is that the temperature did not fall below zero, and did not rise above + 10 ° C head for a couple of months of such storage will increase by 1/3. The secret is that there is power outflow from the stem and leaves.

Nowhere doraschivat? It does not matter for these purposes and will suit a greenhouse in the country. The thaw can be sent to clean "crop". Naturally, the greenhouse must be low and deep, or be chilled along with cabbage.

In a specially dug pit digging furrows filled with water and tightly planted cauliflower. Under a discarded window frame, not compete with plastic windows, go down to 35-50 plants.

Rearing should be carried out without access of light. To do this, close the greenhouse wooden shields, and on top of them, spread a mat, straw or reed mat. If they are not, you can cover up for the greenhouse warming leaves or straw.

The idea of ​​one frame will be enough for the whole winter.


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