Vedic literature about male attractiveness (for men):

If a man is not prepared for a relationship with a woman, in these respects, it is not a man, as a second-class woman. He is six times weaker than the women, and when she went into the negative manifestations of feminine nature - tantrums, resentment, moods and so forth., - His mind, too, vibrates to the beat, rather than to stay calm and in control !!!

After a few of these "visits" the woman cease to respect their "man." Without respect from the beloved man cease to respect the surrounding. He loses the appeal, losing strength and importance.

It is well known that women's karma heavier men. The female body is designed for working off karma, whereas the male - to create new karma. Man overcomes woman her difficult fate, helping it to move forward and make her life for something new (its forces only enough to cancel their karma, it is God gives strength to take care of themselves, and of the woman he loves, making her happy). Therefore, women subconsciously choosing that man who possesses inner strength and able to cope with its unfavorable fate, manifested through her frame of mind (tantrums, resentment, complaints, etc.). And in this vital choice of a defining moment it becomes physical attractiveness men, and the quality of his character and psychological maturity.

According to the Vedic knowledge of man should not be lower than women, this difference in growth is a negative factor, but it should not be considered an obstacle to building relationships. Just when the shorter man, a woman does not feel secure man's shoulder, and for her it is so important!

Sometimes a woman at a glance, to determine whether she liked a man to protect her, then how to understand whether he has the necessary qualities to make her happy, and whether it will respect, appreciate and admire it, it takes time.
A man should not be reckless attitude to their appearance, but also to be concerned, too, is not worth it (by the way, the tendency of some men in excessive grooming deters many women).

In short, women tend to stick to the golden mean and therefore rarely rush from one extreme to another. The ability to control the senses is the first sign of a true gentleman. This quality distinguishes it from other men, and such a man a woman recognize intuitively. His manners, speech, behavior - they speak for themselves.

A man ready to create a family, when he is psychologically mature, and it has the taste of happiness, independent of the family relationship. Self-sufficiency - the highest manifestation of beauty. In this case, it will always be attractive for himself and for his wife.


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