Salad with broccoli and red onion

You must
Fresh broccoli,
Fresh mushrooms
Red onion,
Ginger, garlic,
Lime juice or lemon,
Balsamic vinegar,
Chili pepper (optional)
Sea salt, olive oil
Pine nuts
The proportions do not write everything on personal taste and the "eye" in this salad is not fundamentally.
Cabbage parse it into florets, mushrooms cut into plates, onions -polukoltsami.
Prepare the marinade: balsamic, citrus juice, salt, grated ginger, garlic through a press (serdtsevinku delete), olive oil
. Mix the ingredients and leave to marinate in the minutes 40-60.

When serving sprinkle with pine nuts.

Taste salad turns very unusual: a distinct taste of lemon and ginger, light hrustinka that gives broccoli, mushrooms and delicate structure.


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