The human brain can be trained to a healthy diet

Leading experts are sure the person can get used to a correct diet, if within a certain time it will consume only healthy foods.

The results obtained after the experts undertake a special study. Scientists from Tufts University, which is located in the United States, have shown that the human brain is susceptible to addiction. The scientists carried out a unique laboratory tests that can be safely called the discoveries in the field of medicine.

It is noted that the volunteers took part in this experiment. They followed the work of those parts of the brain that are responsible for the habits, needs and dependence on any medications or devices. Staff reported that all volunteers were obese. The subjects were divided into 2 groups. People with the first category ate healthy foods in unlimited quantities, and the representatives of the second - ate as usual

. The research results surprised doctors. The experts found that those who ate healthy foods, not only to enjoy it but also to get used to this diet. It is noted that the leading specialists 2 times to take readings of the brain:. At the end and at the beginning of the experiment


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