Three herbs that treat almost all acute conditions

With the right approach, herbs can cure the disease, and not a cure, and so as not to hurt even more that the official medicine in general unattainable result.

The three main herbs, herbal remedies or rather, to be aware of everything and use them.

1) Red hot pepper (kayennovy)
Plantain 3) Garlic

1) Red hot pepper. kayennovy. Hotness peppers is measured in units of heat. The weakest pepper - paprika hotness is just "one". The sharpest Habanera - 300 thousand units. Chustvuete difference? The clinic used running hot pepper "kayennovy" hotness which has 40 thousand units.

Consume red pepper for all shocks. Grown red pepper powder in a glass of hot water and instead like nitroglycerin in the mouth for all heart attacks, fainting and for all collaptoid states and all bleeding especially when bleeding from the stomach. Paradox? No. Red pepper has amazing properties, which no one medication - it dilates blood vessels when they are tapered and narrows when they are extended, it does exactly what the body needs

. Mexicans drink it in grueling heat for cooling; Eskimos drink it in the cold to keep warm. Believe, "for sugrevu" tea from the red pepper is much more effective and useful than vodka. Strong tea of ​​red pepper - this is the number one cure for all acute conditions and the first tool in the medicine cabinet

. Vomiting blood - spoon of red pepper in a glass of water in the stomach

. Any chronic open wound - the same thing - to fill the wound hot pepper

. Red pepper - this miraculous substance. This is something that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet, instead of discarded drugs. Who uses as red pepper? From time immemorial - Mexico and all of Latin America. Red peppers are now available all year round, even in Russia.

From it you can do and excellent concentrating alcohol (vodka) infusion, and for example, an overflow in the vial with a pipette, carry in your pocket for cardiac patients and to apply instead of nitroglycerin; because nitroglycerin - is the strongest poison, remember that nitroglycerin - is the strongest explosive

. Carry a better vial of concentrated alcohol tincture of red pepper, and full in the mouth pipette for pain in the heart.

2) Plantain. Typical applications podorodzhnika - lay a sheet to cut - this is what is best to pour the red pepper

. The main application of plantain - is the snake bites, bee and the acute purulent septic inflammation, cellulitis, purulent abscess, felon same finger. The poisonous bite or purulent abscess - a threat to blood poisoning - poddorozhnik

. Attention, no ass in the world, except in Russia, does not apply because there is plantain whole leaf. ATTENTION! TO Plantain has had its ACTION LEAVES HIS NEED chew - mince or break a hammer to dripping GREEN JUICE AND behalf of the green mass, PAP overlaid damaged area BODY

. In addition, you should eat raw plantain. Who uses so plantain? From time immemorial - North American Indians
. Deadly viper bite, when it comes to the swelling of the throat - is held in a half-hour

. Purulent abscess, when the official medicine offers amputated hand - held night
. Bites from bees - are instantly

. The only problem is that fresh plantain available only in summer. Therefore, this stunning performance and an antibiotic antidote is necessary, or zasushivat since the summer, or making alcoholic extracts, and always have, just in case. Alcoholic extract can be stored forever. It is very simple: take trёhlitovaya jar and stuffed to the top with fresh clean water washed plantain. Then, filled to the brim bank's usual good vodka. All. It is used when it is necessary.

On the other hand snake in the winter and do not bite, but if someone, for example, drew the ax at the foot of the village, the wound fester and become inflamed, then wipe wetted with alcohol tincture of plantain and is thrust into the wound. Moreover, if someone with an ax chop off your finger - to fill with red pepper, put your finger in place and to impose all the plantain - all healed like a dog


3) .Chesnok - universal antibiotic actually used from time immemorial in Russian "Indians." Phenomenal antibiotic - such synthetic antibiotic not. It acts as a bacteria or virus and fungi.

Fungus on the leg? -. Rub garlic

Any skin infected with the disease are rubbed with garlic.

Flu? Colds - garlic

! Neither cold or inflammation of the lungs, kidneys, even meningitis will not stand in front of garlic. The question dosage.

In acute infectious viral diseases, and especially pneumonia garlic is eaten at a dose of one head per 10 kg of body weight per day, that is, the children say 3-4 heads, adults 6-10 heads per day. It is best eaten raw, but if it's really cool, you can cook and eat and drink with this garlic water. Boiled in water 10 garlic bulbs and eat and drink it all day long. The same way garlic disguises children. Garlic is available all year round. With this there is no problem.


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